No story line gigs? Just side gigs....

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So I have won the game already 2 times with no story line this is odd I have a iPhone 6 plus and always have the latest update. I have 4G and I have full wifi connection. When I received the latest KKH update June 2,2015 I only got 3 story line gigs with the comeback story. This is frustrating because I've already accumulated almost a million dollars and this is quiet frustrating. Please make it where as though we have a story line for #1 or a list it's not fare to have nothing after all that work and you guys are constantly doing updates for the same story line it's not right especially for people who spend money. Also why can't I give the adopted baby back and have my own. I didn't know you only had one choice.


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    Hi tiffanymillions, as of yet there is only one comeback quest and that is for Sticky Games, I can't remember how many tasks there were relating to this quest but maybe three as you say. I think that Glu were testing out the comeback idea to see if people liked it, and there is a thread over on General Discussion where they ask for feedback.
    Other than that the quests should run the same for everyone at the moment, whether they have chosen to do a comeback or not. It's possible that the comebacks may be developed more in the future, but for now Glu release regular updates with new storylines and quests for everyone. Aside from the Sticky Games, what other quests have you done recently? Just to make sure that your game is receiving gigs and you're not missing any. Other than that, Glu work to put out regular updates but there will always be players who work through the gigs fast and then expect another update immediately. If there is no issue with you receiving gigs try to be patient for the next update and in the meantime there are parties, side gigs, dates and the weekend events to participate in. As for your poor baby you will have to keep him/her for now, but there is a chance Glu will develop the game further to give the option of having a second child. There is an official suggestion thread here and a place to vent here
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    Hi, most recently I got 1 call for the anniversary I completed both anniversary gigs and then the same scenario listed above. I really don't like the come back because willow was a joke now she's always second you guys should make a different competitor or competitors. I've most recently just gave up on waiting for gigs. I check on the baby time to time even though it's not real. That's about it. I love the different story lines hopefully you guys come up with something juicy. I understand this must be hard.
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    Hi Tiffanymillions. I know they monitor the threads, and I for one agree with you about Willow, I'm just so tired of her. Your suggestions are good, and I'd follow Lucy's link for the suggestion thread. Did you get calls about helping to find a date for Kris? I'm usually a little behind, so hang on and we'll see what things I've got going on my 3 games, to see if you got these or not.

    Ok, I'm working to save the Adoptions Center, Willow wants to turn it into a night club and keep me out.

    Bachelor - check out 3 prospects one at a time to date Kris

    Finishing up the whole Eyebrow fiasco.

    Have you gotten those?
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    I finished a gig called “Stephie Cast” on Sept 15. It was my last gig n I kept waiting for them to call but it’s 21 days today n nothing. Anyone else with this problem?  Willow doesn’t get the Adoption center Cassio steps in n saves it. Any help would be ever so greatly appreciated. Thanks, BobbieJoe
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