🗳️💀SYS 10/14/21 Monster Mash !👻🗳️



  • JJthedrummer83JJthedrummer83 New Member Registered Users 121 Posts
    i got the outfit and the pom poms. i am so happy !!
    hollywood bitch so fake she seems real
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 3,283 Posts
    I probably should have skipped submitting the last look because now I finished with just the pom poms and no cheerleader outfit. 
    Platform: Android
  • JunelleJunelle Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
    I love these new items! 

  • Ccrz96Ccrz96 Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Never tried so hard for ts prizes. But so happy I got the outfit!!
  • annalynnannalynn Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    i got 3rd in silver:) sadly didn’t get the hair because of crazy ticket buyers but i’m still very happy with what i did get💞
  • rachelvrachelv Registered Users, Member 52 Posts
    my looks 🖤 i had so much fun with this sys! finished in 21st (gold) but i’m happy i got the mummy outfit (i almost never get the last earnable) and got this beautiful dress in my box!

  • alpxralpxr Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    I'm so unlucky... they were both in the 2nd place and I was in the 3rd. So I didn't get the hair... It's only 1 points! should I contact to Customer Care?  
  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 513 Posts
    Got my highest scores this SYS, got the final earnable with my 12th ticket and I still came 15th, TBs went crazy. 😅

    Saving my tickets for a certain upcoming SYS. 🥰✨
  • ElleScottElleScott Registered Users, Member 16 Posts
    Earnables this weekend!!!

    Best Halloween in KKH so far!! 🎃🎃
  • PrimameliaPrimamelia Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    First time I’ve been in the top for months! Love the eyes! ❤️
    Level 67 iSO
    est 2014
  • trvqueen_diditrvqueen_didi New Member Registered Users 35 Posts
    I just needed 5 more votes collect the final prize😭😭 I really wanted mummy outfit so bad 🥺
  • KaterinaKaterina Registered Users, Member 368 Posts
    All 3 loading screen outfits, thankfully support bumped me back up to gold II and I ended up in a relatively chill group 

    I communicate in memes
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