🗳️👫 KK:H SYS Duets 11/11/21 👬- Power Couple 👭🗳️



  • BellbottomBellbottom Registered Users, Member 184 Posts
    edited November 2021
    🤡🤦‍♀️ oh really!!!!
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  • alvaasalvaas Registered Users, Member 388 Posts
    I think it would be more fun if we could style our FB friends too 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • kelizkeliz Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    So I was in first with 10 points when I went to sleep. I woke up in 28th with 4 points. Nice to see the glitch was fixed then came back 🙄
  • RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    edited November 2021

    @KalindaKing unfortunately my male game started with 1 ticket instead of 2. I sent screenshots to support and asked them to give me my other ticket, and they blamed it on a “storage space issue” 🤦‍♀️

    Can you please help? 
  • RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    edited November 2021
    Just out of curiosity since I don't have a male doll...
    When was the last time a male doll got a new outfit, handheld, accessories, etc?🤔 I don't know why Glu decided to put male dolls and female dolls in the same group. It wouldn't be too bad if all the dolls were able to wear any items, but Glu makes things gender specific (🙄) so it's pointless for the male dolls to win items they can't wear.  Everything about duets is really messed up. Ahhh, just add it to the *extra* long list of things Glu has screwed up. I feel really bad for the male dolls.
    @BooskiBabii if I’m not mistaken, male dolls stopped getting new items in 2018, with a few random exceptions like when they gave us a sparkly handheld purse. 😔 
  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 896 Posts
    First three! Currently in 7th place but I imagine it’s not going to last 😅

  • Mell22Mell22 Registered Users, Member 41 Posts
    @Bellbottom @RonnieKKH My younger sis had the same problem, they should fix it. Help @KalindaKing
  • BriannakkhBriannakkh Registered Users, Member 1,379 Posts
    I guess matching outfit colours really helps!
  • heavydirtysoulheavydirtysoul Registered Users, Member 154 Posts
    This is so annoying I hope I get the right rewards at the end 😭

  • Nikki114Nikki114 Registered Users, Member 266 Posts
    This sucks what little joy was left, right out of the game.  Please let this be the one and only duets. It's to exhausting and stressful. 
  • elle_babyelle_baby Registered Users, Member 302 Posts
    FoxieLola said:
    I'm so confused.. My first look has 5 hearts but my score on the TS board is 3? Does anybody understand? 
    I came looking for this because it’s happening to me too.. should I submit a ticket or is that how it works? 😅 
  • AlisaKKHAlisaKKH Registered Users, Member 5 Posts

    This SYS has been confusing with the scoring, time-consuming with trying to come up with looks, and other people getting stuck with extreme ticket buyers (no offense if you are one 😅). 

    But on the other hand, it's low-key been kinda fun for me to dress up NPC and make them look good👌, so good luck to everyone ❤️

  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 896 Posts
    Ngl, I’m way more eager to submit looks now that bronze and silver boxes have been added to the prize list. Can’t wait for my fourth ticket for the bronze box. 😅
  • FoxieLolaFoxieLola Registered Users, Member 651 Posts
    I think sadly we all, know deep down that the ranking system (where dolls are tied) is not a glitch and just another way for Glu to try to make us buy tickets to get prizes.


  • BriannakkhBriannakkh Registered Users, Member 1,379 Posts

    So happy especially after getting the weekly story line outfit! Also almost picked the energy so phew..😅

  • LinaKKLinaKK Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    edited November 2021
    I’m also experiencing the weird points bug??? What is going on??  

  • KKH_RenKKH_Ren Registered Users, Member 238 Posts
    edited November 2021
    Although I dislike this duet SYS I could roll with it if it wasn’t so glitchy… But the fact most dolls’ scores aren’t registering properly is even more infuriating… Glu please test your updates before releasing them to us 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    I didn’t realize it was happening to me until I came on the forum to see how everyone was doing

  • helly23helly23 Registered Users, Member 170 Posts
    Last Friday there was an update, this Friday the start of duets
    Wtf, Glu? Then let your team work on the weekend, and do not leave us alone with a bunch of glitches
  • RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    @Lachimolalani wish I could send that exact post to this game’s senior product managers. Dead serious.

  • BenedettaKKHBenedettaKKH Registered Users, Member 242 Posts

    Me and my npc friends at the Oscars! Look 1-4
  • LachimolalaLachimolala Registered Users, Member 964 Posts
    @Rikk idk if its more funny or sad lol 😅
  • AnnaKKH21AnnaKKH21 Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    I submitted 4 look until now, and that’s it. So much time to coordinate 2 looks and it’s so boring. I pass this sys.
  • ggfleurggfleur Registered Users, Member 71 Posts
    I’m having so much trouble submitting looks because my game keeps closing the middle of creating a style
  • LinaKKLinaKK Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    My last look finished and got 0 ??????

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts

    Got the hat and Im 3rd in silver
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