🗳️👫 KK:H SYS Duets 11/11/21 👬- Power Couple 👭🗳️



  • sindhusindhu Registered Users, Member 413 Posts
    Johanaa said:
    @sindhu Yaas that's me 😊 
    I'm happy to know that we're in the same TS group 🥰❤️

    I submitted my 3rd style and my votes were fixed in the TS  
    @Johanaa your styling is amazing! ❤

    Good luck to the both of us in this glitch filled sys event 🥺
  • AnnaKKH21AnnaKKH21 Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    I submitted 4 look until now, and that’s it. So much time to coordinate 2 looks and it’s so boring. I pass this sys.
  • ggfleurggfleur Registered Users, Member 68 Posts
    I’m having so much trouble submitting looks because my game keeps closing the middle of creating a style
  • LinaKKLinaKK Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    My last look finished and got 0 ??????

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,147 Posts

    Got the hat and Im 3rd in silver
    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 58/ iOS
  • littlesweetlittlesweet Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    votes not matching for me either 😑
  • alvaasalvaas Registered Users, Member 335 Posts

    Oh no, not me too 😩 Was in 6th and said bye bye down to 18th bc of the glitch
  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,832 Posts
    @KalindaKing I know everyone already reported this but please check the TS rankings. The dolls above me are tied up in 4th place so I should be in 5th and I'm in 6th place 😕

    Android player 
    Christmas lover 🎄
  • josiejosiejosiejosie Registered Users, Member 153 Posts

    I have so many tb’s in my group though 🥲😖

  • Coley96Coley96 Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    Done four looks and I’m already done with this event, it actually sucks 
  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 871 Posts
    My guess on how the new hearts system works: they’re actually using real votes this time (hence why we don’t get immediate low scores after a perfect score anymore), but they don’t have enough people always for 60 votes, so they’re taking an average. 

    That means that generally votes should be more realistic, except when people aren’t voting much, you might only get like, one person voting on your look. And if that person doesn’t pick you… it’s an average of 0. 

    Imo they just really need to increase rewards for voting, it’s usually so much work for 100 kash. 
  • SugarKSugarK Senior Member Registered Users 1,776 Posts
    edited November 2021
    LindaVB said:
    This new format is beyond exhausting ... And then with all the glitches this game is no fun anymore...

    Also I noticed I'm in Silver III when I should be in Gold I. When Customer Care is finished watching they favorite show they can hopefully place me back in Gold I. I screenshot my game every single second nowadays so I have ample proof.

    Hi @LindaVB 💖 I agree this format is terrible, might even be worse than WWIB 🤔 Hopefully it will disappear just like the WWIB did 👍🏻

    I also finished in gold after the weekday SYS but after I collected my prizes and screenshot everything, I noticed later than I was bumped down in ranking. I think it had to do with looks not receiving all the votes before the event ended.  That happened to me once before where I thought I finished in gold, but customer care said I was actually bumped down to silver 3 when the rankings were finalized 😟.  Tragic how deceptive the game has become. We can’t even rely on screenshots anymore 😕 

    Anyways I’m glad they fixed the FB links and I can see your beautiful doll in my friends list again 😊
  • sariesarie Registered Users, Member 751 Posts

    My looks so far, honestly I like the duet thing its fun to coordinate two looks although for new players it must be hard. But its also very time consuming and now Im sure I dont want more than one per month. The themes should be really broad so people with less clothing can still participate. I would maybe adjust the cooldown? or do we get more videos to unlock stuff? 
    Fix the ranking issue, im so scared weekend is gonna come and its gonna go radio silent again. Also let us change our partners eyes (I have to use the wolf eyes cause she has the bright pink ones 🤦‍♀️ so this still looks better than those). 
    23yo🦙, 🇨🇿/🇬🇧, Android
  • SugarKSugarK Senior Member Registered Users 1,776 Posts
    Glu:We're now introducing the sys duets. You can play with your partner!

    Us: Oh so male dolls are finally getting new clothes after a long time being neglected?

    Glu: No. Instead we're removing the kstars from the boxes and ts and now you can win female clothes that your male doll can't wear! But if you play with a female doll, don't feel left out. We're adding male clothes to your box that you can't wear either!

    Us: well damn... well at least now I can finally play with my Facebook friends. 

    Glu: Ah no. You can only play with randomized npcs that never had any function in the game. Beware that you might not find them in your friends list as well. Oh and btw, now you can no longer send or receive gifts from your fb friends. It'll be fun!

    Us: oh well... that sounds like a lot of work to style 28 looks in three days, but at least once I post a look I can just invert the outfit that my doll was wearing with the npc, since we can't wear the same outfit at the same time.  It'll be like making 14 looks. 

    Glu: No no no you got it wrong. Every time either you or the npc wear something, that will be automatically locked. We'll be cutting your wardrobe in half. Think of all the possibilities!

    Us: my God... but you heard us asking to remove the dyes from the diamond box, right? It made no sense since with 1 diamond we can buy 10 dyes.

    Glu: Of course! And now also the box will cost triple the price and you no longer have a way to win tickets cause we removed them from the boxes as well. Think of all the tickets you'll have to buy if you wanna win!

    Us: Holy sh**t... but hey! Can you at least tell us how the hearts work? Like, how many votes is equivalent to 1 heart or something?
    Oh wait... The heart system is not working. I got 10 hearts and it's only showing 3 in the ts. And wait!!! There's 10 people tied in first place and then I'm next in 11th... shouldn't I be in second???

    Glu: .......

    Us: hello????

    Glu: Oh its Saturday! See you Monday!!!!!!

    THE ACCURACY! 👍🏻 I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this, maybe both 😂😭😂
  • Mell22Mell22 Registered Users, Member 41 Posts
    The votes should be prolonged untill enough people voted or compensated. THIS WHOLE SYS SHOULD BE COMPENSATED 
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 2,012 Posts
    Yep I just noticed my scores aren’t matching. They were earlier but not now. There’s no votes on my 5th look I was on 17points before I entered that look. I didn’t notice the difference until after so it’s not that causing the discrepancy.

    I play on iOS
  • OxyOxy Registered Users, Member 92 Posts
    Y'all I haven't even been entering this game anymore. I jump in once in a blue moon to activate a weekly quest and save it for later in case things ever get better, but clearly it's just going downhill.

    I've been playing the RuPaul's Drag Race game instead, MUCH more fun!
  • littlesweetlittlesweet Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    votes not matching for me either 😑
    make it make sense lmaoo 
    i’m at half of what i should be based on these “hearts” 
  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 871 Posts
    quietoffi said:
    Has anyone found an easier way to find your contacts during SYS styling?? I have hundreds and I'm spending literally 15+ min for each look trying to find a contact, just scrolling up, then down, then up again. Then game crashes or I get an incoming text and I have to start from scratch. It's tedious and annoying and so f'ing boring. I often just give up, take the first female NPC with borderline purple skin and then get 1.5 stars and I hate this so much. 
    Not sure if this will help you, but I noticed that it sorts by relationship level. So if they’re a romantic contact, I’ve been going on one date with them so it bumps them up to the top of my list. 
  • KKHMICAELAKKHMICAELA Registered Users, Member 648 Posts
    Howwwwi barley even know what i’m doing! It’s so much work and time to coordinate two outfits. I’m literally 28th in Gold. 
  • SarahScorpixSarahScorpix Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    edited November 2021
    The votes are all messed up. It looked like I was in first place with 18 points (or so I thought) and then I checked and I was suddenly at 22nd place with 10.5 :(
  • sariesarie Registered Users, Member 751 Posts
    ok my votes matched up just now but we still need a clarification about the ts board sorting issue? like is this gonna be a thing now because there is less variation in scores with just 0/5 if so thats so sh/tty
    23yo🦙, 🇨🇿/🇬🇧, Android
  • U_ariihU_ariih Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    I'm seeing some people defending Glu but this is about a bug. 
    10 minutes ago I was in 1st place with 20 points but now I'm with 8 points and in 6th place, I just hope that at the end of Sys I receive the awards correctly and rightly. 
  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 753 Posts
    edited November 2021
    Ok from what I'm understanding, everytime we submit an outfit, the average goes down again and we move in the leaderboard... Is that it? I feel like this is why the scores keep getting weird. 
    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
    my doll’s name is leticia 
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