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    lulula said:
    Anjakkh said:
    lulula said:
    Anjakkh said:
    This means we probably won’t get the update until Thursday... I hate this. It’s going to mess up our scores again 

    Why does everyone think it will come Thursday again? Does Glu usually upload Thurs if they don't on Tues? 
    It was just my guess..Im not sure because I thought we would get the update before the sys and weekend event
    ooh ok, I saw someone else also say we would get the update Thurs so I thought maybe there was a theme.

    I saw early spoilers and they have the next SYS and weekend event already loaded into the game from the Nov update... so technically they're in the clear until next week but i hope that isn't the case.
    Ohh I hoped they weren’t loaded into this update lol because they would release the new one before the events 😂
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    Are we getting the update this week? @KalindaKing
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    Here's a sneak peek at some of my favorite looks from the next update!
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    It's nice to get a date for the January update but shouldn't Glu already have a date planned out for this update...?😐
  • BriannakkhBriannakkh Registered Users, Member 1,379 Posts

    This is my favourite so far!
    Thank you for the spoilers!
  • MilokkhMilokkh Registered Users, Member 112 Posts

    And I like these two too.
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    I love everything idk yet about the Christmas tree dress but I hope it has a day/night effect and changes colors I always have to wait till they come out in the game and I see them how they look in my doll so I can properly say if I like the clothing or not 

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    this one is cute 😻😻
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    Thank for the spoilers @KalindaKing Will we be getting the update tomorrow?
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    Tbh I do like a few of these items. The Christmas tree outfit and the candy cane outfit are ones I don't really love, although I do like the hair with the candy cane outfit. I like pretty much everything. Have to see how they look on my doll though.😊
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    asalaxo said:
    almost all of us said we hate sys duets but now glu is making it an every weekend thing 😒😒
    I wish that they were doing away with duets altogether but Kalinda said they’re every other weekend, not every weekend!
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    The posts in between Kalinda's became a mess🥴
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    this is the only cute 1 out of all 😍
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    @KalindaKing will the diamond boxes stay at 15diamonds?
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