❤️KK:H Dating Weekend 5/27/22❤️ Love is in the Air❤️

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Get ready because Love is in the AIr on this Dating Weekend!

KK:H Dating Weekend 3 Love is in the Air 
Starts Friday, May 27th @ 5am Eastern
Ends Sunday, May 29th @ 10pm Eastern
Complete Dates with 5 Stars ratings for Heart Points
600 Heart Pts wins all the Earners 
Good Luck with the Gift Boxes & Have Fun Tapping

Event starts at 5 am eastern!

If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
🦋Purple Headed ♊+ 🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
I Am NOT a Glu Employee
🌟If you want my attention please send a dm


  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,872 Posts
    Can’t wait for spoilers!! 💜💜💜
    IOS player 💜 
    She/Her 💗
    Add me on Facebook IOS only please: https://www.facebook.com/AngelicaKKH29
  • augusta10augusta10 Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    please spoilers! Can’t wait😍
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,556 Posts
  • D98D98 Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    Spoilers Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼
    Waiting for the ítems to he worth😭
  • shankkhshankkh Registered Users, Member 1,094 Posts
    Is it just the wine at oak that isn’t finishing a dating event or LAX too??
    IOS Daily Player📱🇺🇸
    A +++ List 🤩 Level 49

  • AnjakkhAnjakkh Registered Users, Member 1,290 Posts
    @KalindaKing can you please fix the wine?? 🥺🥺
    My doll’s name is Anja✨
    Daily player from Serbia 🇷🇸 ~iOS
    English isn’t my first language
  • kadyyykadyyy Registered Users, Member 355 Posts
    This is going to be a hard one😒 hated dating events plus comeback and now the wine thing too😡
  • KKH_SaraKKH_Sara Registered Users, Member 334 Posts
    edited May 2022
    kralja said:
    And reducing the 20 daily kstars to only 10
    Totally forgot about this 🙄 I’ve gotten 10 videos since I started but I have never wanted other players to get fewer...plus since this change, a lot of us have gotten fewer than 10 anyway. 
  • LucyxoxLucyxox Registered Users, Member 450 Posts
    Yes glu, you go girl bosses, stand your ground and leave the wine how it is - which is totally not what you guys should’ve done in the first place *before* changing it 🤦‍♀️
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