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    BriannakkhBriannakkh Registered Users, Member 1,379 Posts
    I want to believe we will still get one or 2 prizes just for doing dates/partys etc 
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    ArianeMBArianeMB Registered Users, Member 146 Posts
    carramen_ said:
    So upset i wasn't here yesterday to see the chaos unfold when this was announced😭

    So what I'm getting is:
    • Were not getting weekday or weekend events or event boxes anymore

    • We'll have to unlock every item on a page to move on to the next even if we don't want a certain item which will only add more disorganization to our kloset cause we can't get rid of items we don't want.

    • Things that used to be gb items will now be behind a paywall and it's not even guaranteed that you'll get them unless you get more points by paying diamonds (something we barely earn as is)
    • If you haven't gotten a single tb box item (like me) then you're f*cked cause they'll never add them all to sales or the kloset for us to buy with stars
    • Instead of making Fashion Goals the exclusive items and leaving the gb items as is so that we would spend stars on the boxes, earn items and would potentially also earn points for this stupid Seasons thing, Fashion Goals will stay as it is.

    • Instead of giving us all 4 items in a gb pallette were not even getting those anymore but we'll still get sh!tty pallettes for db's so we'll still be able to reminisce
    • The wine was never fixed and we won't do dating events anymore but we'll still have to date for Seasons Points
    • Instead of getting every event item for the corresponding SYS theme at the same time, we might not even get enough points for those items in time for the sys event and we'll potentially get them once the event has already passed

    • And finally this thing will be indefinitely permanent (with a few fixes or changes to how things work in the future) no matter how much we complain cause Glu seems hellbent on wanting us to quit instead of taking our suggestions and fixing the game so that they could gain more revenue.

    Did I miss something? 

    1.yeah that's what is being replaced

    2. No, Kalinda hasn't mentioned the number of items you'll have to unlock to move to the next page (but the way she phrased it implies that we won't need to unlock all of them)

    3. yeah the paywall thing really sucks and is unfair

    4. Im not sure where you've read that? To my knowledge, Kalinda hasn't said anything of the sort, we still don't know what will be the prize in the pages that correspond to week events, so no, for now at least, you're not f*cked 

    5. Yeah :/

    6. yeah you won't be getting energy/ugly dyes/random ugly clothing in the equivalent of the kstars gift boxes, only in the diamond boxes now lol

    7. yep but I'm guessing we won't have to do like 30 dates to get the piece of clothing we want, so at least the wine problem will become less of a problem

    8. yeah good point that's a flaw, but I think it will really all depend on what type of challenges they'll give us and how many prize we will need to get to unlock the next page

    9. I mean, I'm guessing glu knows what it's doing (corporations know how to get rich yk) and it knows that us, the players on the forum are not every players in the game, and that everyone always says that "if this continues I'm gonna quit" but they almost never do. Their goal is to make money. They don't care if players are unhappy, as long as they keep getting money 
    They/them please
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    D98D98 Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    It all started when EA took control of the game, if they want to make it disappear just don't make any more updates, this is so unfair, now it won't make sense, now I understand why no one wanted to save money for BF anymore...😖😡🤬
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    ArianeMBArianeMB Registered Users, Member 146 Posts
    edited October 2022
    This "Seasons" thing is just ridiculous! They take away the weekend events, something we could easily get just by doing jobs or dates, and give us something we have to pay real money for and not guarantee we'll win it all!? 
    At least if you buy the access pass you get 300 additional points so you're guaranteed some of the prizes but yeah there is not true guarantee 
    They/them please
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    Julia_KKHJulia_KKH Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    I'll clarify the events: Weekend Events and 5-Star Throwback Events are ending. The Show Your Style schedule and rewards will be the same with 2 SYS events per week.
    might quit this game now….
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    cleopatraacleopatraa Registered Users, Member 50 Posts
    kkhjulia said:
    Some of us can't spend this amount of money on a dumb game so congrats, you ended KKH 🥳👏🏻
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    LAdoll24LAdoll24 Registered Users, Member 448 Posts
    I am still waiting for customer service to straighten out the diamond doll booster I bought LAST Sunday but still am not receiving the daily diamond via mailbox. And "customer service" keeps switching the representative handling the ticket and they all say something different.

    Why would I buy something else when they can't even get the offers they have now to work correctly? How many glitches will we the players experience when "seasons" launches since none of it was tested? Not using my money in this experiment. 
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    konradkkhkonradkkh Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    LAdoll24 said:
    konradkkh said:
    Still no respond from @KimKardashian …👺👺👺👺
    You should try Ye he would probably respond and probably has as much stake in this game as Kim(seemingly very little) just like he does with Skims. 

    Better yet, maybe Kanye could develop a game similar to the old format we all enjoy. And not be a complete and total money grab.
    Omg this is a good idea! I forgot about Ye☠️☠️☠️
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    DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    Why contact an ex of Kim's who has been guilty of very toxic behavior? No thanks. 
    Platform: Android

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    D98D98 Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    Saying goodbye to the last truly worthwhile weekend in this game, now nothing makes sense.😭😮‍💨😤🪦
    It even made me want to get this weekend's items, this new news has broken my heart, I've been a player since I started the game...💔💔
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    dinoqueen9dinoqueen9 Registered Users, Member 1,351 Posts
    LAdoll24 said:
    Kalinda really gave us this shocking news and then dipped ahhhaha
    It feels like they intentionally waited basically till the last minute they could to tell us about it... late afternoon on a Friday when it launches on Monday and they aren't available over the weekend. They must have known we wouldn't be too happy for this new feature or simply didn't care that we would have many questions and concerns. It just adds to my frustration about the whole thing. 

    Looking back it all makes sense now, the combining of sys and event threads and eliminating spoilers, they have been planning this for some time. Why wait so long to get our honest opinions on something so drastically different? The influencer surveys should be more specific because I remember the survey mentioning seasons but it was so vague I never would have imagined this is what seasons would be.

    Yeah when we did the survey it really implied “you’ll have more time to finish the weekend events at your own pace” not “weekend events will go at your own pace (but now you need to pay money to finish them lol)”
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    LAdoll24LAdoll24 Registered Users, Member 448 Posts
    Why contact an ex of Kim's who has been guilty of very toxic behavior? No thanks. 
    It was mostly a joke but in all seriousness they are still active business partners and will always be family aside from the fact that Kanye is very involved in the fashion industry and highly influential over Kim's style.
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