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    Like, it’s been more than 24 hours for most of us since we reached out to support. Either we were declared a hacker, or we have received absolutely no information whatsoever. Please give us something when your team is literally being paid to reply to us yet is choosing not to.
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    Can we have a dating challenge please??
    To find out they further reduced the amount of hearts for the wine?
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    Tbh I’m so tired of glu and EA at this point idrc at this point 😭 @Dana_358
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    Can we have a dating challenge please??
    I think next week might be dating, then tv reality and etc
    I believe parties are only for this week and they gonna keep changing it weekly
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    i just realised we only get 4 outfits for free vs 10 with the pass which is giving me major fomo :/ and after completing all my tasks that aren’t spending i’m super bored, we really need more daily tasks or something
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    Can we have a dating challenge please??
    I had one as weekly! Don’t ask me why though😂😂
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    I see so many of you guys saying you have no more gigs to do, how??My professional gigs challenges keep on going up 😭
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    Btw did anyone get this?😂

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    Here’s an example (quickly mocked up in terrible quality) of how this would have been more fair.

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    I think someone was asking if the tickets we get through seasons is like the ones from DBs or like free tickets. I'm guessing we could save them for the future because I got a second extra ticket today and I still see the countdown for when the next free ticket comes up. 
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    AliBryant said:
    Professional gigs are so painful. A 3 hours Simon gig takes more than a full bar (45) of energy. It didn't used to be like this!!! What is the deal @eggsandbananas @KalindaKing.
    Thank you for mentioning this! Customer service is still looking into whether they will/won't count reality shows as professional events. Because of that, I've done the ONLY professional gigs available to me and they're all 8 hr gigs. I'm so over it already and don't think it's just a coincidence either. It takes at least 2 full bars of energy to complete one professional gig.
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    @KalindaKing if the people who are waiting for Seasons purchase the Dress to Impress witch outfit now will we be reimbursed the points for spending KStars

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    29 hours with no response from customer service about my pass for my side game. Y'all quickly took that money out tho 🙄 Also, I purchased sys tickets from seasons on my main game, but they're not added to my ticket count. I haven't read every single post on this thread so Idk if anyone else is experiencing this.

    Glu...y'all planned this joke of an addition for MONTHS and we're having so many issues. Can we actually have an update or whatever without numerous glitches?! 
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    Checking in - I shared all your feedback and suggestions with the team. We'll let you know if there's news to share. Keep in mind the team spent months planning Seasons so it would take some time to implement changes too. So if they review your comments today, you might not see changes for a few weeks. Just trying to be realistic. We're aware that some players can't access Seasons and we're looking into it.
    Thank you for checking in and the update!!!
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    What is the timeline for getting seasons to all users? And will there be compensation for those who did not receive it? Will be very disappointing to not have it by the weekend as then there is literally no way for people who didn't get seasons to earn free outfits this week. Would love to know what is being done to correct this. 
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    @BooskiBabii same here still waiting since 10:10 am yesterday for my pass to be active but the payment was successful. This is just unacceptable.

    Customer service is taking even longer than usual and I am getting really angry with the excessive delay.
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    As a paying player my first impression isn’t too bad I just hope I will be able to collect all 64 available prizes. I did a quick calculation and this would be 24 different clothing items and accessories (plus a hair colour, body doll contour and eye make up), 8 different hairstyles, 135 stars, 40(!!!!) diamonds, 14 (!!!!) tickets and 4 TB boxes. The fact that to buy 40 diamonds would coast me £12.99 it makes sense for me to get this pass. Again, I am a paying player and am not sure I will be able to collect all of the available prizes.

    I also just love so many of the items that were locked for a free players and honestly hope that after this season Glu make this available for all players and perhaps makes it easier to get points for paying customers or something but just so everyone has a fair chance of getting everything.

    I'm not sure if this has been said already as I am only part way through the thread (there's 45 pages you guys! We have a lot to say about it) but I wanted to add to this comment above ⬆️

    Based on those calculations this seasons does seem worthy of a good go (and I'm giving it a good go and the benefit of the doubt) however, so far I've noticed that my stretch goals keep getting added to once I complete them and the daily tasks update everyday regardless of if you have completed them or not. I don't know if they recycle tasks yet (as I'm in Australia so we have only just started day two of this) but given that you get so few points for completing so many tasks you would need to do them all the time as they propagate so that you have enough for even some of the prizes. I calculated that you need 400 points to get the first 4 prizes before you can progress to the second or third pages and so far doing all three stretch tasks (I now have 5 total including the three I already finished) and the daily tasks plus some parts of the weekly tasks I only have 350 points so I haven't actually accessed any prizes. 
    I've noticed that with the access all pass the points required to access prizes are lower than for free players (so there's one incentive to get the pass). 

    I think I'll keep playing the tasks as much as I can to collect as many points as possible then towards the end of the month decide if I have enough points to quantify getting the pass and getting the rest of the v items or not.  I think doing it this way would be best for those that can afford the pass and especially if there are items behind the pay wall that you really really love.  

    Oh and I noticed that the reality shows no longer count as professional gigs as I have a task that requires me to do 20 and I've since done a few reality shows but they aren't adding to the professional gigs progression.  Anyone else have this issue or should I contact customer care? 🤔 
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