Are Any Of You Playing on Android?

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If you're playing on Android, how are you doing it?  What's it been, a month now that the game had held the white screen?  I know mine has and the Glu idea of disabling Google Play Services doesn't work at all, as my own tablet doesn't disable the Google Play Services app... Isn't there any working fix?  How are all of you continuing to play KKH?


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    I have been since they come out with the quick fix....I turned off my Google play services for a moment, brought my game up then turned it on again and that worked.  And I didn't have to keep disabling it either just that once. Yet Google play services updated today and now that fix is not working like it used to, I would have to disable it every time I wanted to play now and I'm not willing until glu fixes it on their side I can only play on my kindle
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    There is a new Android build available in the PlayStore,  it eliminates the white screen and should take you back to your saved progress. For more info, check the post from EggsandBananas in the General Discussion thread, "If you can't play the game"
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