My show your style isn’t active, i don’t have it in my game at all. Is there a way i can acquire it?

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Hello. I’m level 43 and still haven’t been able to participate in Show Your Style ever since i had the game. I did take a long break from it but when i came back i didn’t have access to Show Your Style.

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    Did you send a ticket to Customer Care?  Go to settings, (Top left corner of the game) choose Help & Support, then Customer Care. Then choose Chat with Us. (Down at the bottom of the screen ).  Good luck.   If you still need help after that, send me a dm and I’ll try and get you further help.  :)
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  • kaylanee34kaylanee34 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Thank you, i sent a ticket to the Customer Care and i was able to obtain Show Your Style in my game!
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