Feedback on CKZ2: Assault Rifle Weapons

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Here is my feedback/review on the Assault Rifle weapons in CKZ2.

Assault Rifle Weapons
Most Powered Up Weapon: Mortara M75
Recommended: ZRU-12 Advanced/.30 Light Machinegun/K7 Yugoslavian

HP-K5 SMG - Seems to be an affordable SMG that is better than the AR-19 Basic. I do suggest that you don't get this unless you really want to replace your AR-19. Better to save up gold for the ZRU-12 or cash for the 9mm Technic SMG. Even in the first CKZ, this gun is a pathetic weapon. Out of curiosity, I bought the gun. Verdict: Useful against a few common zombies. Pathetic against a horde or even a few security guard zombies. Disadvantages of this weapon include longer reload time and low killing power. You end up using an entire load to kill just one scientist zombie and then you don't have enough to kill the others.

9mm Technic SMG - I have already bought this for 20,000. In the first CKZ, this was the best affordable SMG that costs gold. Its damage (150) is slightly lower than the standard ZRU-12 however it has a longer range. Although the better weapon is the ZRU-12, at least you can buy this weapon using cash. Performance wise, it takes out common zombies well. The reload is quick enough. Definitely better than the HK-P5. You will note that it takes a little longer to kill the scientist and security zombies. Other than that, it is a good weapon (for cash). I will be sticking to the ZRU-12 and the ZRU-12 Advanced.

ZRU-12 - this should be the standard assault rifle to get once you have enough gold. This is also acquired with the discounted weapon packages. Good against most weak zombies and decent against the stronger zombies. Good rate of fire, bullet capacity and reloading time.

ZRU-12 Advanced - A stronger version of the ZRU-12 with the same ammo capacity. Good only for close and mid range. Accuracy is better at close range. The added power (silencer??) makes it easier to kill most zombies.

AR-19 Basic Assault Rife - Unless you expect to face only common zombies in all of your missions, this would be enough. But it is not a recommended weapon in the long run. The accuracy and damage is pathetic. The killing power is not enough to dent the stronger zombies. I would rather use the Block-19 than this.

C16 Auto – The second most powerful regular assault rifle in the game. High magazine capacity, high rate of fire, quick reload. Get this with the Shooter’s Bundle for a good deal. Only the Mortara has a better kick than this.

K7- Yugoslavian -Overall specs of the K7 are good enough. It has accuracy higher than the standard ZRU-12. But compared to the ZRU-12 Advanced, it boasts of only a higher damage and ammo capacity at reduced accuracy, range and rate of fire - a much better version of the AR-19 Basic. Among all the regular assault rifles (not including the .50 Light Machinegun and Mortara), it has the second highest damage (1st being the C16 Auto)

It can kill common zombies easily however you do require more bullets to kill them and there are some instances where these bullets miss. The best test for this weapon is how it kills the security zombie. At close range, at least 8-10 of your ammo should kill it which is not bad. At long range, expect some misses at the target. One disadvantage of some assault rifles is that it becomes very hard to aim at zombies when at close range, compared to the handgun or shotgun.

.30 Light Machinegun - Just bought the machinegun. Unlike the one used in CKZ1, this one uses a beta mag clip (not the belt of bullets used by Rambo or Shooter). At 100 shots per load, this is by far the best cash-based weapon that has the most ammo. It has 200 reload shots and a long range. Accuracy is horrible.

At 300 damage, its bullets has the power compared to the K7 Yugoslavian but lower than the C16 Auto. Reload is quick enough but slower than most assault rifles. At long range, it has terrible accuracy and you have better luck using a sniper or regular assault rifle instead. But at close range, you have one hell of a weapon. In Kill Em All Missions, one load is enough to massacre a horde of zombies (some zombies literally explode) before you need to reload.

At 50,000 cash, it is a good investment for those looking for a good cash-based weapon.

One technique I use with the .30 Machinegun is to fire at the zombies at medium to close range and when zombies come to close I move back. Once the ammo reaches less than 20, I switch to another weapon or reload (if the other zombies are far away). Expect 5-7 seconds to reload. Avoid reloading when zombies are very close. Better switch to another weapon instead (preferably a shotgun or handgun).

Mortara - The big brother of the .30 Light Machinegun. Think of it as a Streetsweeper with long range. Not designed to be used as a long range weapon since with its accuracy you will just be wasting bullets.

However, a close to medium range it can be very devastating. One flaw: reload time. Although the reload is faster compared to the Mortara in CKZ1, still reload is slow (like the machinegun) compared to the other assault rifles. But the damage per bullet is high. I do estimate the 100 bullets can easily kill a horde of 5-7 zombies. I repeat, avoid using this as a long range weapon as you will just waste ammo.

Same principle as machinegun: Make sure there is enough space for you to back away. Wait for the zombies to come close then fire. Move backwards just to give you enough space to switch to another weapon when you run off of ammo.

Dominator - In the first CKZ, it is the most powerful regular assault rifle. Has high accuracy and a 40 ammo capacity. After testing the weapon it is indeed powerful and has a relatively fast reload. Kills security and fireman zombies easily. It is a bit expensive. Personally, unless you want more power and ammo, the C16 Auto is already decent weapon for those who already have it. Incidentally, ithe Dominator looks like an AK-47.
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    Please expect an update to this once I have already tested the Dominator Assault Rifle. Feel free to provide info if you have already used the new assault rifle.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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    Based on my experience on CKZ1. mortara takes very long time to reload and your point about accuracy of that weapon is right. Waste on time to reload and waste bullets
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    Yeah, mortara is not worth the power if you miss a lot and you get ganged up by zombies when you reload. The regular assault rifle like the C16 Auto is more efficient in killing off zombies with its accuracy.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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