Feedback on CKZ2: Handgun Weapons

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Here is my feedback/review on the Handgun weapons in CKZ2.

Handgun Weapons
Most Powered Up Weapon: Golden Hawk
Recommended: MP-643/Desert Hawk/Block-19

Dual MP-643 - By far the best overall dual handgun if you get discounted - It comes with the Dual MP-643, the ZRU-12 Advanced and the Ancient Katana Good rate of fire, good killing power. It does seems to take a while to reload. The only other weapon that has higher killing power is the desert hawk which is quite expensive. If you are on a tight budget, an good handgun would be the Block-19.

Block-19 handgun - For 7k, it is an affordable handgun. Low rate of fire, fair accuracy but decent killing power. A good replacement for the Mini Uzi and the Dual MP-942. At close range you can kill most weak zombies with one to two bursts. The security and scientist zombies take a little longer. It is like the Desert Hawk but lower damage and larger ammo capacity.

Dual MP-942 - This is the first dual handgun. It is an improvement from the dual SMG-micro uzi. Has decent firepower to kill off common zombies however it does lack enough stopping power to immediately kill off the security guard zombies. Average ammo capacity. Now, which one to use? This one or the Block-19. If you want stopping power, I do suggest to use the Block-19 even if the rate of fire is lower.

Mini Dual Uzi/Block-11 – These are the entry level weapons in the game. If you got the updated version, you start off with the Block-11. It really depends which one you prefer – one with high rate of fire or one with higher stopping power. Personally, I’ll go for the Block-11.

Desert Hawk - In the first CKZ, this is the best handgun to use. What it lacks in rate of fire, it makes up with killing power. In terms of range, I'm not sure how far this weapon can go. In the first CKZ, the desert hawk kills zombies effectively from afar. The 200+ glu gold makes this pretty expensive but is affordable compared to the higher tier gold weapons. The Desert Hawk is an effective weapon. Although it has 8 shots per revolver, the damage dealt by the weapon is enough to kill most zombies (2-3 shots for a security guard zombie).

Golden Hawk - this is currently the handgun weapon with the highest damage (does the gold actually adds to the damage?). It has the same ammo capacity as the desert hawk. What makes the golden hawk better than the desert hawk is the higher rate of fire, better accuracy and range. However, the desert hawk is already good enough to kill most zombies particularly the security guard zombies at about 2-3 shots. That leaves this weapon more of a luxury collectible. And in the long run when you already have a better assault rifle, the handgun becomes a backup weapon.
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    palangkarayapalangkaraya Registered Users 39 Posts
    Golden hawk is the best and applies (the gold?) with dominator too...
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    If you do have the budget, yes they are good weapons - golden hawk and golden (ak-47) dominator.

    For those who have limited glu gold, for handguns you can settle for the regular desert hawk or the MP 643. For assault rifles, the ZRU-12 Advanced, K7 Yugoslavian, C16 Auto and .30 Machinegun are already good choices.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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