Feedback on CKZ2: Sniper Rifle Weapons

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Here is my feedback/review on the Sniper Rifle weapons in CKZ2.

Sniper Rifle Weapons
Most Powered Up Weapon: Auto Sniper Rifle
Recommended: Boarles .50/Demo X400

Commando Elite Sniper Rifle - one of your best initial weapons during the Survival mission. Based on stats, it has the longest range but the Rontron can reach zombies in the same range. Decent killing power for weak zombies. The initial bullet load of is not enough (4 shots in gun/ 8 reload shots). The best option here is to kill off as many zombies from afar / weaken the special zombies then switch to the ZRU-12. Try to upgrade to the Rontron when you have enough gold or Demo X400 if you have 50,000 cash.

Rontron 06 – Bought this sniper rifle to replace the Commando Elite. Better than the Commando in terms of power and ammo capacity (8 shots in the gun and 16 reload). Although the commando elite technically has a longer range, the difference isnt bad when in the survival mode. Rate of fire is ok and you can fire shots quickly enough to kill off those security guard (2 shots) and scientist zombies (1-2 shots). Much easier to kill off the thrower and piper from a distance. About 12-16 shots should be enough to kill a Smasher. Worth it for 60 gold.

Demo X400 - In the first CKZ, this is a reliable killing sniper rifle. In this game, it is by far one of the best weapons you can have. With a capacity of 12 shots and 24 reload, it is enough to kill a wave of zombies before you use the handgun or assault rifle. Based on experience in the first CKZ, the only disadvantage I have with it is the reload time (compared to the handgun and assault rifle) but you can always rely on its accuracy, rate of fire and killing power. Most zombies die in one shot - even the security guard zombies have a high chance of dying. At close range, common zombies literally explode at times. This weapon is worth the price of 50,000 (increased from 25,000, but not sure if the weapon is back to its original price). Your problems with some of the annoying zombies such as the Spitter and Thrower are greatly reduced.

Auto Sniper Rifle - When you combine semi automatic capabilities with a sniper rifle, you get the auto sniper rifle. And it is a good buy (though expensive). A "shot" of the Auto Sniper is a 3-bullet salvo. This is enough to kill at 2-3 zombies lined up. Unlike the Boarles, sometimes it make take two salvos to kill a security guard zombie. Well, you do have a higher ammo capacity. This is a nice to have when you already have the gold.

Boarles .50 Sniper Rifle - A higher damage version of the Demo X400. Unlike the X400, it costs gold but is almost the same price range as the 10 gauge supershot. Still, the Demo X400 is just as good for a weapon that costs cash. Most zombies die with one shot. Specs are almost like the Demo X400.
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    palangkarayapalangkaraya Registered Users 39 Posts
    I am using boarless but would be good to have Auto sniper rifle... and I hardly use sniper rifle
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    the only advantage of the auto sniper rifle is firing 3 shots per round. so you have an extra assault rifle.

    But the boarles kills more effectively with one shot - the auto sniper rifle sometimes needs at least two rounds to kill a security guard or firefighter zombie, however common zombies lined up die immediately - you can kill 2-3 zombies if you are lucky. Also with 3 shots per round, you effectively have only 8 rounds before you reload the auto sniper rifle.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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