Feedback on CKZ2: Exotic Weapons

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Here is my feedback/review on the Exotic weapons in CKZ2.

Exotic Weapons
Most Powered Up Weapon: Exterminator grenade launcher
Recommended: Annihilator/Widowmaker/Exterminator

Widowmaker K-13 Crossbow - A bow with "homing" capabilities. Even without a scope, you can kill even at long distances. And with 20 shots, it means 20 dead zombies - more often than not: One shot, One kill. When the crosshair turns red and you fire at the zombie, unless it is a special zombie, consider it dead. A Smasher dies with a least 4 shots.Update: With a Damage boost, a Smasher dies with one shot.

Comrade RPG launcher - Recently purchased the Comrade rocket propelled launcher for 1500 glu gold. This is the second cheapest exotic weapon (the crossbow is the cheapest at 450) and the most affordable explosive weapon. So far I have only tried it in a Survival Mission. Here is my feedback:

With a power of 550, it can kill most individual zombies. The blast radius is enough to kill most common and security zombies. For special zombies, most would die with 1-2 shots (if they hit the zombie right on).

It has 5 reload shots and a range longer than the other grenade launchers. Some of the drawbacks of this weapon include a slow reload time (slower than the crossbow) and limited ammo capacity. I really don't expect to rely on this weapon often (other than killing/weakening special zombies). One problem you may encounter with this weapon is that zombies getting very close to you while you are reloading this weapon.

As for accuracy, there are cases where you miss the target (by a mile). I mean, in the Survivor Mission, I fire it at the zombie but the shot flies past the zombie. If you are lucky, you could kill the zombie with its blast radius. If the shot does hit dead on and it is not a Smasher, then bye bye zombie.

This is a good weapon but not the most reliable. Provided the shot hits, the Comrade is somewhat like the Judgement grenade launcher from CKZ1. It is a solution to a special zombie that you need to kill from afar since it does have a good long range. If you need a cheap explosive exotic weapon, this is the most affordable. You just need to aim careful and use the 5 reload shots well.

Annihilator Grenade Launcher - If you can save a little bit more you can get this instead of the Comrade. Half the damage power and ammo capacity of the Exterminator but to get it at a discounted price is a good investmest. If you need an effective gl then you can settle for this. Overall specs are not so different from the Exterminator. With 4 shots per load, you use 2-3 shots to kill most special zombies and 3-4 shots to kill a smasher, and this is not bad.

Now will you get this or the widowmaker crossbow? Both are good. A damage boost enhanced crossbow literally kills any special zombie, especially with its homing capability. But when dealing with multiple zombies you honestly need a grenade launcher to make it through some missions unless you intend to use beacon grenades. More often than not, the gl is reserved for special zombies.

Exterminator grenade launcher - The ultimate kaboom weapon. With a damage of 1500, it kills almost anything. One load is enough to clear the field of any zombies. Smashers die with a least 3 shots. All other special zombies would take 1-2 shots. Rate of fire is awesome. It is like throwing grenades around wildly. One disadvantage though. At close range, it will not fire. It seems it does not want you to commit suicide. You need at least a distance of 2-3 feet for you to fire a grenade - meaning dont use inside rooms.
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    If you could choose between the annihilator and the exterminator.....Which would you choose?
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    If glu gold is not an option, it would be the exterminator. The 8 ammo shots and 1000+ damage helps kill special zombies faster.

    Now if glu gold is a precious resource and you want to save it so that you can get balanced upgrades to all your weapons, the annihilator will do the trick.

    Note: Most special zombies (regardless of annihilator or exterminator) will die with 2-3 direct hits of grenade rounds. Other than the Piper, rarely do you get the chance to kill a special zombie with just one shot. So your only consideration: do you want more ammo left?

    Comments and feedback welcome.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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