Red/blue/purple sheilds not accurate

mcasconemcascone Registered Users 2 Posts
When I'm starting a level, whether it's a mission or Endless, I'll set up the guns based on the shields shown in the level start screen. Then when the level starts, there are always enemies with shields that don't match what was shown, so there's a big disadvantage. Anyone else see this?


  • LegoGLLegoGL Registered Users 22 Posts
    That is one I haven't ran into. So far I have always felt that the color I choose (based on what it says at start of mission) has always been there. I've been playing single gunned so it has been easy for me to track wether or not the color I have chosen is there.
  • AdambuzzAdambuzz Registered Users 5 Posts
    I have noticed that happening in later levels. mainly the last few levels. it happens on endless challenge 3 also. It tells you that you only need the red and purple shield but there are tons of blue shielded enemies. it's not like you can equip all three anyway... but maybe at least light the blue shield up when you are selecting the level
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