Some mods having issues?

LegoGLLegoGL Registered Users 22 Posts
Shield MK 2 and Shockwave MK 2.

At times I use the shield and it doesn't put me in the shield ball. I'm not sure if this is because I took a ton of damage or if there are requirements (just took damage) that I am missing. It seems that if the ball doesn't appear then the shield doesn't activate (though maybe it was just the graphic not appearing). Also, I know I clicked the button because mods do go thought the 'recharge' where they all go red for a short time (seconds).

On the shockwave I have used this and the graphic always appears. The TOOLs, however, have never seemed to get knocked back. I believe this is also supposed to do damage but I haven't seen this mod actually service any targets. Any thoughts on why this may not be working? I know the MK 2 version does say that it knocks bigger TOOLs back than the MK 1 version.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on this please let me know so I can properly use these mods because I believe they are both useful when properly used. Also, if these are bugs that other are experiencing please let me know so I know that is not just my horrible attempt at being a gamer.
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