Can't level past 22

LegoGLLegoGL Registered Users 22 Posts
I know this issue was posted elsewhere but I thought I would start a thread about it.

At the end of mission it lets you go past 22 but when you hit continue it takes you back to 22 with all the exp gone.


  • Waynehsu770Waynehsu770 Registered Users 16 Posts
    There is not such issue that one cannot level past 22. I am currently in level 25.
    What you are talking about, is a bug. When you just finished a mission and are opening your crates, have leveled up already during the mission or while opening the first few crates, the bug occurs. It assumes that you will level up every time you open the rests of the exp crates. And you can notice this problem by checking your amount of exp before opening the crates. Because the actual amount of exp you gain from the crates are, in reality, not enough to let you level up.
  • LegoGLLegoGL Registered Users 22 Posts
    Thank you for the quick reply. You are absolutely correct. While opening crates it gave me a 'free' level then took it back after moving to the next screen. Yet another bug needs squashing but not one that affects game play in a huge way.
    Thanks again for the information.
  • ASWRosenbachASWRosenbach Registered Users 7 Posts
    Wayne: to be clear, this is *not* the issue I'm having... Tested around this one already.
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