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    I just explained in your last "add me" post that there are no points involved with adding friends. You can add them by clicking their avatar or visit their profile and add them that way. There will not be an "add me" forum here and "add me"" posts are discouraged. Thanks tafeel;)

    **There are no rewards for adding friends**
    A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. :cool:
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    I just wanted to take a moment to express to as many people as possible, what a horrible company Glu Mobile Games is. This may strike you as sad but I spent $70.00 dollars on Eternity Warriors 2 and was enjoying the game until it gliched and lost everything I purchased and accomplished. Glu mobiles response was to throw some credits and coins at me to solve the problem.
    Fearing the same problem with Eternity Warriors, I decided to play Contract Killer 2 and again made a good character with guns etc... But yet again another glitch. This time Glu has decided that the credits they gave me the last time counts for this game as well. I have emailed them several times over the last 6 months which they have refused to respond to in any way, shape or form. I am at a loss for being treated in this manner, $70.00 hard earned dollars and they refuse to do anything about their gliched games. I would ask that anyone who reads this to re-post as often as possible because I`m positive I`m not the only one . I refuse to allow this scumbag company to steal my money without being held accountable. Even if you haven't had a problem with the games I would still like to ask for your support, not just for me but for all the others who I`m sure have been
    screwed in the same fashion. "Glu mobile it is wrong for you to accept peoples money without something in return, that`s not how a business should be run."
    Completely Disgusted,
    David Hagedorn
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