Recommended device specifications for CKZ2 - Android Tablets and phones

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Here are my suggested specs for the game to work well in an Android tablet/phone. Note that it is possi
Ble the game actually works well with your device even if they dont follow the specs i recommend. Bottomline is as long it works and you can play it.

1. RAM - I recommend 1GB so that it will no be that sluggish. With 512 MB it comes out a bit slow for me but there might be cases that 512 would already be sufficient.. Havent tried it with 256 MB but this might not be that good.
2. Processor - 1ghz is fair enough. Dual core would have no problems with this game.
3. Minimal background applications - apps that manage energy consumption and task killers also take up RAM hence this will be competing with the resources you need for your game. So far, the only apps running in the background that i use are android assistant, wifi booster and an anti virus program. All other non- essential apps that use too much RAM have been uninstalled.
4. Internal storage - 4 to 8 GB should be enough. If you plan to use you phone/tablet for playing CKZ2 and other space hungry games, then I suggest getting one that has 16 or 32 GB storage.
5. Operating system - works well with Android 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich. Quite slow and laggy with 2.2 Froyo. Havent tried yet with Jelly bean (4.1) and Gingerbread (3.x)
6. Google play installed - sometimes if you install ckz with an apk rather than from the google play site, sometimes it might not work. Also the best way to update the game is through Google play.
7. Wifi enabled - you need this for the daily mission bonuses and updates for the missions. If you already have b/g/n and it connects well with wifi regardless of whether you are at home or outside then you are good. 3 or 4G connection is for backup. I dont recommend using this when you are updating the game.

My default Android device for this is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 . It has a 1.4 ghz dual core processor and 1 GB RAM and has Android 4.0.4 installed. No problems so far. Have tried it with a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 and a generic Andriod tablet running on ICS, with some lags. Both have 512 MB RAM.

Comments and feedback on the device you are using to play CKZ 2.
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