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It's about the daily bonus, i complete it until day 10 and have'nt receive the "bellua" weapon. I played it and for the second complete 10 days i have'nt receive it again. Please fix this problem asap. Thanks and more power to glu team.


  • goro3dgoro3d Registered Users 26 Posts
    Same thing is happening to me I did the daily challenge met and the day requirements still didn't get the Bellua!
  • LonewolfLonewolf Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same here. Now I am starting from day 1 but the bonus seems not working anymore.
    I managed to complete my daily challenges which required me to win many battles. None of the battles are counted for the daily bonus criteria of "WIN 3 Battles". I tried to defeat different opponents, progress with new fights but yet, none worked.
  • goro3dgoro3d Registered Users 26 Posts
    Well I bought that Bellua so rather I get it or not dosen't matter but wish you could sell double or less powerful weapon to get back some of the game money you used to buy better weapons back would be a cool feature!
  • FrancisFrancis Registered Users, Moderators 591 Posts
    Please note the following information that may explain some of your questions:

    Unlike EW2, we only allow one of every item in an inventory. If you are expecting another to sell, the game does not support that.

    If you have the Bellua ax already, then you will not get it again.
  • ZoenlorZoenlor Registered Users 1 Posts
    The problem is, dear Super Admin, that daily reward DOESN'T go oever day 10... who cares of the crappy bellua weapon? ^_^
  • BrettBrett Registered Users 11 Posts
    I've just encountered the same bug. I've gotten every daily bonus for all 10 days, including each "win 3 battles" bonus one. All up until the fina day 10 Bellua one, that is. I do not have a Bellua. I'd like one since I had a challenge a few days ago I couldn't complete to get a certain number of kills using the Bellua, which again I do not have.

    I just got through winning 7 battles today on day 10 and it still won't give me the "win 3 battles" prize of Bellua. Every earlier day I had no trouble getting the "win 3 battles" prize.

    This is a bug. You need to fix it.
  • Dude, are you sure that you are playing online?
  • BrettBrett Registered Users 11 Posts
    Dude, are you sure that you are playing online?

    Is that a serious question? Probably not, but I'll answer anyway: yes. My tablet is always connected to a strong WiFi signal when I play this game.
  • I'm just trying to be helpful. When I won the Bellua weapon I didn't know that I had to go to the store to equip my gladiator with a new weapon. I have been playing for 90 days with only minor problems. Sorry to hear so many others complain.
  • BrettBrett Registered Users 11 Posts
    Well, this is annoying. Just had exactly the same thing happen again. The final "win 3 battles" Daily Bonus reward was Bellua again, and again no matter how many battles I won it didn't give it to me. Well, I did only win 6-7 battles before giving up this time.

    Something else of note is that normally on the Daily Bonus screen coming up it will automatically pan over to the current day, but on that final day it doesn't do that. It stays sitting back at day 1 even though it correctly shows all the days up to the final one as completed. As before it did show me as getting the standard Daily Bonus for just running the game, it just wouldn't complete the "win 3 battles" one for Bellua. Frustrating. Not frustrating enough for me to spend actual gold on the weapon which is much weaker than what I'm now using, even though it has been showing up as a requirement in the occasional challenge.
    That was yesterday, but technically just a few hours ago.

    Even stranger: now that the next day has rolled over, it has of course reset to day 1 and showing all of the upcoming rewards, but now it's not giving me anything here on the new day 1. Not the "launch the game" one or the "win 3 battles" one. I'm guessing maybe it will only officially roll over tomorrow or something.
    I even tried closing the game completely and re-running it (all still on a solid 4-bar WiFi signal here in my house), but nothing changed there.
  • BrettBrett Registered Users 11 Posts
    To confirm, now that another day has rolled over it is now showing Day 1 and registering it correctly. And of course Bellua is again for the third time the Day 10 "win 3 battles" reward.

    Also have a challenge today to win 22 battles using Bellua. Very funny.
  • OK I finally get it.

    I have played for 100 days and had planned to use the daily bonus reward Ferus Fenrir weapon to defeat the final 6 opponents in tournament 10.

    The daily bonus will not be awarded no matter how many opponents I defeat.

    I see why everyone is complaining about this game. I will change my review on Amazon and eliminate this app from my Kindle.
  • BrettBrett Registered Users 11 Posts
    Once again unable to get the Bellua daily bonus reward on day 10, and once again it pops up as the final reward for the next 10-day stretch. Which undoubtedly I won't get again.

    I normally only spend real money on a free-to-play game after I've played it for a while just to support the developers, and never just on a whim; if this game had been relatively bug-free I would have already done so here. As it stands with so very many bugs with not getting the final daily bonus and with most of the daily challenges indicating the wrong thing, I won't be spending a penny on it.
  • Stylz_77Stylz_77 Registered Users 1 Posts
    This game just crashes before it loads now. Used another game to work my glu creds up so I can buy better weapons here, but I can't even load the game without it immediately crashing.. Any fix for this?
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