CKZ2 Weapon Shoppers Guide (What to Weapons to Buy)

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Most likely you might have some difficulty choosing what weapons to buy. The main consideration here is whether or not you have enough gold. So, let me offer some quick tips here.

The cheapest investment of glu gold for weapons (without any discounts) would be the following:
Desert Hawk - 260 dmg = *8/**32 230 gold OR MP 643 - 220 dmg =*40/**200- 80 gold
ZRU-12 Advanced - 260 dmg = *30/**120 - 160 gold
10 gauge - 250 dmg = *10/**30 - 250 gold
Boarles - 280 dmg = *12/**24 - 270 gold
Annihilator - 750 dmg = *4/**12 - 2000 gold

That should be about 2750 to 3,000 glu gold. Take note that this is without discounts.

If you want the two most important weapons to invest your glu gold on, they are the Streetsweeper and any of the two grenade launchers. For cash, only two weapons are worth it: the .30 Light Machinegun and the Demo X400. It is then up to you what other weapons you would like to buy.

I'll give a rundown by each category: from the most important to the least.

- This is probably the one where you really need to invest on since this will be a key weapon in more difficult stages. The crossbow is an luxury weapon, in my opinion. So the most practical choices are the Exterminator and the Annihilator:
Annihilator - 750 dmg = *4/**12 - 2000 gold
Exterminator - 1500 dmg = *8/**24 - 3200 gold
- Most special zombies need at least 2-3 grenade shots to kill. So, the annihilator is a practical choice here for a budget conscious player.
- It is however possible to finish the story missions without an exotic weapon and use grenades instead (beacon and explosive).

- If you can get the Streetsweeper auto shotgun then you are good for most missions.
Streetsweeper - 420 dmg = *14/**48 - 1300 gold
- You will have no worries when facing hordes of zombies as 1-2 shots kills almost all zombies with little difficulty - except for the Smasher.
- Another option here is the 10 gauge shotgun. Please note one disadvantage with this weapon is that you need to spend time reloading.
UPDATE: The Wonder Twins are good kill em all double barrelled shotguns. Kills almost all zombies that are not special. Maybe a luxury item because they cost gold but try to get them at sales.

- The cheapest, reliable ASR is the ZRU-12 Advanced. Another decent cost ASR is the K7 at 330 gold.
- One way of saving up on gold is to buy the .30 Light Machinegun. It has the same damage as the K7 and has a high ammo capacity.
UPDATE: The Dominator Assault Rifle is the most powerful regular ASR however, I would personally settle for the C16 Auto.

- If you are not after the Auto Sniper Rifle, go for the Boarles. Kills most zombies with one shot.
- If you want to save up on gold, buy the Demo X400. Same as the Boarles with a slightly lower damage.
- If you just want the cheapest reliable sniper rifle and you don't mind the limited ammo capacity, go for the Rontron. Just note that you would need at least 2 good shots to kill a security guard zombie and reload is slightly slower.

- If you want a cheap gold handgun then go for the MP 643. The next best one is the Desert Hawk.
- If you want to save up on gold, go for the Block 19. One piece of advice - you may need more shots to kill security guard zombies so this is usually a backup weapon

- This is an easy one. Either get the black katana for free or the Fireman's axe. Only when you have extra gold to spare then go for the Ancient Katana or Chainsaw.


Mind you, these are only suggestions.

Now, other than just weapons you just need to buildup on your skills. The few things you need to know: when to reload/switch weapons, when to stand your ground and finally when to use your items.

Good luck my friends. Comments and feedback welcome.
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