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Ok first of all this game is awesome, the best Arpg on the iphone as of yet in my opinion, I have a few suggestions that would make this game even better though!

•As was stated before me, the prices for the heroes are a little high. 400 gems for the warlock is around 15$ which is ridiculous.

•The prices for the featured items are a little high also, most of them are 100+ gems which is around 7$-10$, for 1 item it is ridiculous also.

PS: for these two points, either reduce the prices on items/heroes or reduce the price on the gems themselves, i would buy some but not at those prices as im sure alot of people would.

•As was stated before me also, the waiting time for training is too high, im not at lvl 15 yet but 4 hours is way too long, training should be capped at 1-2 hours in my opinion, if you want people playing instead if waiting on training.

•*A function to unequip items would be very nice, say I equip an item which i bought with gems and then decide to buy a hero, that item which i paid for is stuck on a hero that I will not use anymore and if I equip an item by accident it is stuck there, this can become very annoying.

That is all I can think about for now.
Great game Devs, keep up the good work and bring out some patches!!!



  • Special0psSpecial0ps Registered Users 8 Posts
    Another point is just thought about would be an option to select the whole party, say u have an enemy healer you want to kill asap it would be nice to select the whole party and tap on him to make all your heroes attack him instead of tapping on each hero and then tapping on the enemy.
  • Special0psSpecial0ps Registered Users 8 Posts
    A drag select would fix that
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    Some more suggestions:

    •Purchasing items from the store should have a confirmation pop up - accidentally pressed an item I didn't want to buy

    •Allow total reset of game including free gems from Tapjoy - after that mistake I thought I could reset my gems but to no avail

    •Allow to see and sell off all gems collected - players probably wont be able to use those high end gems due to the low success rate of upgrading or sell off excess gems

    •Upgrading % for items seems too gimmicky to make players use gems - properly increase the % of success

    If all of these issues, including the ones posted above are addressed, im sure more players will play and I will definitely come back and play and dont mind spending a few bucks for the gems. Thanks!
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    Dude you are right I have accidentally bought Carl I did not want a couple of time a confirmation sheeting would be a life savor
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