No more goals in CKZ2

dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
If you notice that the Goal dropdown does not list any more goals for you to complete, check if you have already satisfied the goals for the element "Vanadium".

It seems Vanadium is last element that you can complete goals for. What happens is after you complete the goals to get the glu gold for that element, you will no longer see any more goals. I checked the description for the new update and there is no mention of additional goals. I will be verifying this once I update my game this weekend.

Comments and feedback welcome.
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    palangkarayapalangkaraya Registered Users 39 Posts
    Its kind of regret to spend too much money in this game knowing it will be no more to be achieved after allthe timethat we have invested... (asamsulfat)
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