Gem bug and few ideas

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I've been play this game for little while. And I love this game. But I find few problems. 1. The gems price are not correct. For example. 100gems cost £3. But 200gems cost £7. So no one going to buy 200gems. And 480gems cost £14 . And it shows 20% extra which is based on 200gems. So it's still cheaper to buy 100gems. It's a simple maths mistake. Hope u can fix it soon . 2. It's bit overprice. U can't play good without buying gems. Even u spent more time in this game. U still can't complete the future level if u not buying lots gems. So it won't attract ppl to keep play it. 2. Hacks and jailbroke ppl . It's really unfair for players just like me. Those ppl jailbroke and get gems for few + climb on leader board easily. I can say that at least 85% players in the top 100 are cheated. So if I want to play well. I need to spend lots money. But those ppl spent none of it but get the title . 3. To improve. I think you can improve the store in game and add a new able packages. ( you can only buy once. But gives great value of gems or equipment. And price around £3 is suitable for all the player). 4. Change the items drop rate. Cus now it feels like u can never get a better item from mission compare to the store item which u have to buy with gems . It's not sustainable. 5. Give a Chance to reset hero lvls. Because when u upgrade a hero. If u didnt spend 5gems for double skills point. Then u will miss it forever. And this will make future game become really hard. 6. Reduce the gems price. So ppl will consider to buy it . 7 . More event that u can earn gems. So ppl will have a target and plays more. Thanks
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