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I know this is mentioned throughout here, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents here. Kind of long but it's got some ideas on ways you can get more money from people while making a more enjoyable game!

I love this game, tons of fun, but I haven't spent a penny on it yet, nor would I ever using your present model. Here's the issues as I see them, with solutions.

1. Heroes cost too much - pricing yourself out of sales
2. This one relates back to heroes costing too much - buying items is about twice as expensive with gems as it should be in my mind for what I'm willing to spend.
3. Training times become a huge pain - allow us to purchase additional training slots (aka parallell training) for 5 bucks a slot
4. Amethyst shortage (this one may just be me) I find that there is a massive shortage of amethyst in the game and I spend tons of time just farming it.

To expand:

1. A big part of the draw of these games is the 'a few dollars here for something, a few dollars there for something' but instead you've gone for a much higher priced game, pricing yourselves out of a lot of people's willingness to spend (I would bet). I'd gladly drop 5 bucks for the basic hero. Not a chance with 10, and the one's that need 15? Not ever. Obviously there are people willing to spend that much but I'm fairly certain they are very rare and far between compared to those of us who want to give you money, but not THAT much money. Basic supply and demand, sometimes you make way more by selling for less.

2. Continuing from point 1, the item costs make me look at it and say that each of these items (which will eventually be replaced) costs like 2 bucks. No way from me.

3. It was a good thing you lowered training times cause I was just about to quit the game. Instead, you lowered them and got me more sucked into it so that I'd even consider spending money on it (if it wasn't so darn expensive). However, I'm hitting that wall again, and many people complain on the site here as well. I hate the idea of spending gems each time I level up my hero, its psychological torment. However, to spend 5 bucks on a one time 2nd training slot? I'm there (even if with some quick math it would take a longggg time to come out even with the cost of just gemming levels, so you'd even make money most likely).

4. This one is just a gripe which isn't focused on how you can get more money out of us; Amethyst is soooo rare compared to everything else I find. I literally have spent hours just farming for it. I would never spend money on them when it's possible to farm, so mostly this is just a request to maybe increase the drop rate throughout everything?

Thanks for reading this


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    Agree with everything. The lack of amethysts are driving me crazy..
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    my biggest gripe at this point is the really high training cost and the low amount of silver you receive from reply the missions. Since you cannot constantly reply missions as they have cool down timers. It makes it very hard to earn the necessary silver to upgrade heros.
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    I've got loads of amethysts as the upgrades that use amethysts tend to be 40%-75%. It's the lack of rubies that's bugging me as level 8-9 upgrades are just 10% chance...
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