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KarnageKarnage New MemberRegistered Users 49 Posts

I have several suggestions.

1. Ordering of items would be nice, this way I can order everything by quality and easily sell unneeded items. If this is not possible:
a. Do no reorder the list every time an item is sold. This makes it really annoying to sell many items as I constantly have to search for the items that I wish to sell. Just let me sell the item and keep me right where I am after selling it.

2. Allow for better XP and silver award from replying the missions. It would be impossible for me to level up my characters if I only get 30-70XP per reply and then have to wait another 1-3 hours for the missions to open up.

3. Timer problems. I have noticed that the timers do not always work. For instance, I finished a mission and it was an 8 hour timer, then I came back to it 12 hours later and it still said there was 1.5 hours left.

4. I have already seen 2 epic items if I finished the epic missions for the barbarian type of character, but less items for the other characters. I am not that far into the game but seems kind of unbalanced.

5. Auto sell, would be nice. I wish I could designate that all junk(set quality) items be sold immediately after finishing a mission.

6. Allow extra XP after level up to be carried over to the next level. Meaning if I only need 80XP to level up and I do a mission that gets me 400XP, I should receive the 320XP towards me next level.

7. Auto heal is not very smart. Can it be that the healer targets the person with the lowest health and not a random person. I understand if I specify her to heal Tiberus and then she only heals him. But if she is set to auto heal, she should select the person with the lowest health.

8. All select of units would be nice. It would help in battling and selecting all units to attack a single target. Currently, we need to click each character and this can be time consuming in hard battles where I would rather focus on moving characters to evade attacks or using skills instead of constantly pressing on enemies to attack them.

Thanks for reading.


  • Matheus RabeloMatheus Rabelo New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Nice suggestions. I agree with some of them, but not all of them. The auto sale for example, I dont think it would be such a good idea since the epic and legendary itens usually have lower stats.

    I thought of making a bar to the screen to put the skills, the heroes (so you could easily select any of them when in a battle without having to search for it), and some 'actions' (I dont know the exact word). This actions would be to select (for nom-healers) 'auto attack' (the hero would attack whenever there was a creature in a determined range), 'attack when attacked' (kindda obvious) and 'defensive' or any other words, in wich your hero wouldn't attack even if being attacked. This would help to avoid the shooters getting attacked when you just enter a room or when another wave gets there. For healers, you would select between heal whoever has less hp or always heal the same one.
    Another benefit from this bar is that the skills wouldn't be in the middle of the screen.
    In the corner of this bar i thought of a place where you could drag to cancel whatever you have selected. Like when you hold a healer, you must move, drag to the hero he is healing at the moment, drag to another one or drag to himself. There's no option of cancelling the drag.
    Would be nice too if you could select who you want to heal the same way you choose the monsters you want to attack.

    Sorry for bad english and poor writing.
  • KarnageKarnage New Member Registered Users 49 Posts
    The auto-sell would not be stat based but quality based. Meaning that you could select "sell all junk quality gear" or "sell green or below quality gear". This would prevent the selling of legendary items that are lower stat but higher quality.

    I do not under why the legendary items that we work hard to get from those insanely hard missions have such low stats.

    Action menu is a pretty good idea. I can see that being helpful.
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