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PAOLEMIUSPAOLEMIUS Registered Users 24 Posts
Are your weapons' bonuses working?
My Rognan is currently using a couple of axes for a +74% attack speed, but I can notice any difference...

I accept to trade high damage for speed and precision... But it seems to me that speed doesn't change! :confused:


  • WhizzardWhizzard Registered Users 9 Posts
    I'm not noticing any difference in my increased attack speed with Brena the Rouge, I really think there are some bugs with passive skills stacking with active skills..

    My passive + items = 67%
    And add Tiberius Battlecry that should pushes it up to 97% IAS. No way in hell is my rouge hitting that fast in actual gameplay. Has to be bugged for sure, I suggest devs look into it. PLEASE ^^

  • scape211scape211 Registered Users 45 Posts
    Im not sure if thats a bug or just design. In some games items, abilities, etc. stack for things like attack speed. However, some games only allow one item for this to go through. I would hope that this game would allow stacking, but it doesn't appear as though it does or at the very least its not working properly.

    I also wonder if there is a cap. I highly doubt they would allow me to stack my percentage of dodge or block to make a character nearly untouchable. But allowing me to stack it to something like 50-60% is agreeable.

    In any case, I really really hope a dev can explain the design of it since as of right now, we are all in the dark.
  • PAOLEMIUSPAOLEMIUS Registered Users 24 Posts
    Well, I've taken a short video of Brena, with a total of +147 speed... It the same with +0% speed! There is definitely a bug.

    Using powers you can really notice a difference in attack speed, it's not the same with items.

    What if someone has spent gems in order to achieve 10th level?
  • KarnageKarnage Registered Users 49 Posts
    maybe all the bonus only apply to skills and not regular attacks.

    If I had 150% speed bonus to attack, using skills might not be necessary.
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