add new skill

theerawatetheerawate New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
This game should have some new skill , that many players will spend glu coin to double skill point .
I recommend +HP or +Attack or +Defend (passive skill) .
Example 1 point per 10-30 HP or 1 point per 5-10 Attack or 1 point per 5-15 Defend .
And this skill should be unlimited maximum point .


  • KarnageKarnage New Member Registered Users 49 Posts
    unlimited doesnt make sense because we have a hard cap at 31 levels and 2 skill points per level with glu coins, means you have a total of 62 skill points to use.

    Most usually 2 out of the 3 skills are really useful and the other (3 out of 4) passives are useful as well. So you will have a limited supply of points to use.

    I do agree that additional skills would be nice to have, but us, who have max characters would need a free skill reset as we have already allocated all the points.

    +1 for more skills.
  • theerawatetheerawate New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    I am just know that maximum level is 31 . :eek:
    My idea is used less , unless they have more level .

    Level 1 cannot used double skill point .
    Level 31 with all double skill point will have total 61 skill point .

    I think that some skill is used less and ineffective , we should have more option .
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