Multi-Player strategy : stop an enemy Kunoichi with insanely high power

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In multi-player, it seems that a lot of people have decided the Kunoichi is their best bet. Not a lot of highly promoted Samurai or Ronin out there, but there are LOTS of high-powered Kunoichi.

And for a while there, I was getting killed as well trying to challenge these people. The AI's routine is to run in quick, hit you with a poison range attack. Then throw in a lethargy which is as incredibly over-powered as the rest of the Kunoichi. That makes my samurai immobile, losing health, and completely unable to either chase down the Kunoichi or disengage. Even with revives, it was doing no good since the Kunoichi could recover so quickly.

Tried Ronin - even worse. And Kunoichi against Kunoichi is pointless since they've outspent me by at least a thousand GLU credits.

But there's a solution....

Heroic Mount + Reinforcement + Lethargy

The key to killing any hero is that you must reduce them to near-zero health, and then get that 1 extra kill-shot. For an enemy Kunoichi, it's nearly impossible to get the kill-shot.

Enter the combo. First, you need to have at least a medium-level Samurai. You won't be able to challenge the major Multi-player enemies without it, sorry to say. But ~300 GLU credits will let you kill enemies who must have used thousands. You need :

1) at least level 5 sword
2) level 10 farmer. max-cash assassin is good too (not necessary to GLU upgrade). Horse Archer.
3) Lethargy
4) Reinforcement
5) Heroic Mount (try for at least level 4)

As the wave starts, summon the horse ASAP. You'll be riding out to see whether the Kunoichi is being covered by a shield samurai. Retreat quickly - you're not ready to fight her. With the horse, you'll live to run.

Once your lethargy and reinforcement are ready, it's time to ride.

As you get up close to the Kunoichi (the AI will welcome it), take one swing, cast lethargy, and then cast reinforcement. If all goes well, you have the Kunoichi at partial health with the first swing, slowed down so she can't run, and your Reinforcement summons a bunch of farmers/assassins right into the Kunoichi's face in a single wave. By now you should be able to take a 2nd swing and hope that's enough to charge the Legendary Strike. Cast the LS as soon as you can - no matter which option it is.

The goal is to create a storm of lethal events that the enemy Kunoichi can't get out of quickly enough to avoid that killing blow.

Now, this doesn't always work. Sometimes you just get very unlucky with the reinforcement and summon the wrong allies. So if you don't one-shot kill the Kunoichi - time to RUN (as you use sushi) and summon farmers to cover your back. Then wait and try again when Lethargy/Reinforcement is charged.

My Samurai scored at 380 in power has killed Kunoichi at power ranking 2000+ using this strategy....


  • obsidian743obsidian743 Junior Member Registered Users 64 Posts
    First off, I think you mean "Divine Wind" and not "Divine Intervention", right?

    I find a healthy upgraded Ronin works fairly well with Thunderstrike and Lethargy. The key point is to have as much upgrade in Ronin's armor as possible as well as the armor collection. Let the Kunoichi kill herself! The more she attacks you the more she's just hurting herself. The other key here is to wait until you can get a swarm of allies in front and to hold off on the Thunderstrike and lethargy. Use them as defensive weapons. Wait until she tries to Flashbomb you or uses her Lethargy to counter attack with your own Lethargy. If she runs in through your swarm of allies, hit her with the Thunderstrike (remember, you can cast Thunderstrike even if you're stunned from Flash Bomb).
  • platoplato New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    First off, I think you mean "Divine Wind" and not "Divine Intervention", right?
    Oops - didn't realize they changed the name.

    Reinforcement used to be "Divine Intervention" in the original SVZ so that's what I'm used to.

    And, no. Definitely not Divine Wind. As noted, the strategy is for a Samurai - not a Ronin.
    I find a healthy upgraded Ronin works fairly well with Thunderstrike and Lethargy.
    Tried it - didn't work.

    A highly upgraded Kunoichi (1000+ power rating) will simply run away, heal, and come back to kill your Ronin.

    Now, if you have the GLU credits to promote as highly as the enemy then you don't need the strategy at all. My point is how you take a Hero of <400 rating and kill a Kunoichi that's 2x to 5x higher rating by utilizing a combo.

    The Reinforcement to summon a bunch of allies right into the face of a Lethary-impaired Kunoichi is the key to killing her quickly.
  • bhchiabhchia New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    thanks for sharing yr tip Plato. I used something similar to take down some 1,800+ samurai. it's about 50% success for me. it's all in the timing of casting the reinforcement. Taking down the player is possible but the clock is the other factor. Defensively I can tackle most with just melee & lethargy (yes, took down a 2,700 samurai, but only on defence!)... hope to hear more tips from you. ps+ ronin doesn't work for me too.
  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    I admit I've used quite a lot of coins I still had from SvZ and Lil' Kingdom on my Kunoichi solely. Therefor my Samurai and Ronin are quite weak, but I'm only using them for daily challenges anyways. Using the Kunoichi the only enemies I really have problems with are highly upgraded Ronins, since I simply kill myself by trying to kill them. With Samurai or Kunoichi as my enemy, I simply throw a bomb and use lethargy, if they are both ready, and then I run up to them to attack or use reinforcements to summon a few enemies on top of them while they are standing still.
  • platoplato New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    Yeah, a heavily upgraded Ronin is hard to kill.

    I've found the only real way is to change the allies to Spearman and hope to summon them using Reinforcements. Those are the units which can do enough damage to make a major dent in the Ronin.
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