GB2 Post Update 1.2.1 Bugs

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While here, I thought I'd point out a few bugs I have found that still exist after Update 1.2.1:

If you have any to add, please do so and I'll put them in this first post. The first three that I'm submitting are on IOS. Please specify the operating system you are using and if Android ones are posted, I'll create a separate list for those. If you have any comments or corrections, please feel free to add those too.

1. Menacer Helm Disappearing

I already have this, so it's not such a huge deal to me. However, for a long while now, whenever I obtain the Menacer Helm from a crate, it does not appear among my gear. It just disappears and so I never obtain a second copy of this piece (which I would ordinarily sell).

2. "Continue" = no Xplodium from crates

After a mission, if I press the "continue" button instead of individually opening the crates, the Xplodium that comes from those crates does not go onto my total--it just disappears. I can tell the XP goes onto my total as the XP total flashes as the new XP is added. The Xplodium, however, does nothing and my Xplodium subtotal (the total from that mission), which would normally be raised by that amount, stays exactly the same.

3. Missing FRAGGED / F.R.A.G.G.E.D Helm

Existing before update 1.2.1, some people (myself included) have noted that they never received the F.R.A.G.G.E.D Helm. As this item is unable to be sold and is supposed to be a part of the default gear, the only explanation is that some people were not given this piece of armour to begin with.

As mentioned in: http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?4317-Missing-F-R-A-G-G-E-D-Helm

4. "Menu" and other button misalignment

From the starting menu, if I press "armoury" or "collections," I'll go through to those particular screens. From there though, if I press the upper part of the "Menu" button (top left corner), I can make that Menu button depress and make the clicking sound--without actually returning to the menu from the armoury or collections screen. Clearly not a major issue or priority, but since I'm making this list ... .
I've also noted the same problem here with different buttons. For example, after opening a crate and receiving an item, the "red X" that needs to be pushed to close this window can be pushed to create the appropriate sound, without the closing of the window, very easily.

5. "Shirtless" armor cannot be sold or deleted

The "Shirtless" armor piece can be received multiple times, but is now listed as "free" where the "sell" button normally appears on pieces of armor. The result of this is that this item cannot be sold--or even deleted--and so players will potentially collect multiples of the "Shirtless" armor without being able to remove the extra copies. I currently have two copies of this in my game with no way of removing the second.
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