Gun Bros 2 Enemies and Bosses Tips and Tricks

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Everything you wanted to know about GB2 enemies but were afraid to ask.

Punchy: Slow moving and weak T.O.O.L. fodder; just keep your distance or they will attack with a left and right punch, or their patented Double Fist Punch which does double damage.

Shanks: Wielding 2 blades, these enemies immediately run at your bro after spawning and are quick to attack.

Gunminion: They shoot multiple rounds of slow moving bullets and will keep their distance from your bro.

Pus Junior: Slow but strong, these guys are equipped with an arm cannon that shoots large and fast moving blobular bullets and will swipe at your bro with their giant arm if you get too close. If you prefer close range attacks (shotguns) you can move in close and get a shot off, then quickly back away right when he does his arm swipe.

Pus Tank: Shoots blobular bullets and swipes with his arm just like the Pus Junior, but is also equipped with a turret that fires fast moving rockets. If you get too far away, the Pus Tank will charge.

Jet Hatter: These guys will keep their distance and hover away from your bro when idle, but will swoop in towards your bro and fire multiple rockets when attacking. Shoot them as quickly as you can before they attack; if they do attack, back away or strafe left or right to avoid their rockets.

Arachnade and Baby Arachnade: Explosive grenades that run on four legs; this enemy will chase your bro and explode when it gets close enough. Arachnades will momentarily stop and toss their pin though when they get in range so use that moment to destroy them without getting hit. The explosion from Arachnades will damage other nearby enemies, including other Arachnades.

Gigarachnade: This Mother Arachnade will spawn a cluster of Baby Arachnade enemies, but will not directly attack your bro. When the Baby Arachnades spawn they are momentarily invincible due to an orange shield surrounding them. After a couple of seconds the orange shield will go down and the Baby Arachnades will be vulnerable. Once you destroy the Mother Arachnade it will detonate after a short delay; make sure you keep your distance otherwise your bro will take damage from explosion.

Brossassin: This stealthy enemy has the ability to teleport around your bro and has a quick dash allowing him to get close to your bro before attacking. When the Brossassin attacks he will shoot 3 bullets in a spread; the best way to avoid these bullets is to move in between the bullets or strafe left or right around the Brosassin if you are very close to him when he does attack (should be able to dodge all the bullets if you are quick enough).

Pusling: These enemies are slow, but are quick to shoot and have a lot of health. They will continuously fire at your bro as they chase him around and if you get too close they will quickly fire a spray of bullets. Puslings remain momentarily idle for a second or so after they’ve shot their bullet spray so this is a good opportunity to nail them.

Laser Boy: These maniacal T.O.O.L. scientists are armed with a joystick and mobile satellite dish strapped to their back. They will find a good camping spot and then target your bro with a giant homing laser shot from the sky. Chase them down before they can fire their laser.

Slug Minion: Giant slugs with 4 mechanical legs, these guys will charge up their arm cannon and unleash a powerful shock bullet that will stun your bro if you get hit. The kickback from this blast will knock the Slug Minions on their back, leaving them vulnerable to attack. If you are quick you can also shoot the Slug Minions and knock them on their back before they get a chance to fire their shock bullet.


Pus Titan:
This hulking giant pus awaits you at the end of the “Pay Back” campaign in mission 4. His only direct attacks are long-range, slow-moving rockets, and melee swipes if you get too close. Occasionally, he will spawn groups of Punchies/Shanks that can be easily dispatched. The jump pads in the center of the map are useful if the boss is attempting to close the gap.

This massive sea slug appears at the end of the “Refinery” campaign in mission 5. He is completely invulnerable until he falls over on his back. His main attack is a giant spread of shock bullets which will momentarily stun your bro. When shooting these shock bullets the Maullusk will fall on his back, leaving him vulnerable to attack. The Maullusk can also fire a machine gun, homing rockets, and summon Slug Minions. You are able to shoot the homing missiles to cause them to explode; if the explosion hits the Maullusk he will be knocked onto his back. After getting up from being knocked back, the Maullusk will activate various sections of the floor, which will pulsate and then electrify and damage your bro; run to a safe section of the floor that isn’t pulsating. Electrified floors will also cause the Maullusk to fall over, and damage any Slug Minions that he has summoned.

This mechanical menace appears at the end of the “Bros on Fire” campaign in mission 5. Although slow, the Broliminator has a wide variety of attacks, including turrets that fire at your bro from the left and right side. Watch for his arm to move over your bro and run away from it to avoid getting smashed or chopped (best to run towards the center during his hand attacks). Use the jump pads to avoid both his mouth laser (his mouth opens and the laser starts charging inside it) and his naval laser (he’ll use his finger to rub his navel to charge up the laser). The Broliminator can also summon an airstrike; he’ll raise his arms in the air and you’ll see multiple yellow circles on the ground around you, indicating the drop points for the airstrike. Move around and avoid being in any of the circles to escape the airstrike unharmed.
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