Gun Bros 2 Ultimate List of Mods

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Mods can be found as loot in campaign mode or purchased from mystery crates in the black market. When you find a mod, enter the armory and attach it to your favorite weapon to access it in game. Each gun has 3 mod slots located below the weapon window and tapping any of these will open the mod list. To attach a mod to a weapon, the weapon must be of equal or higher power. For example: a 2000 power airstrike mod requires at least a 2000 power gun before it can be attached. Any attached mods can be removed from a weapon through the same process or sold if unwanted.

SPYDR MINE MOD: This mod spawns enemy seeking “spider-like” drones that explode on contact and does splash damage within a small area. Higher levels spawn more mines.

ROCKET SHOT MOD: This mod shoots a single homing rocket that explodes on contact and does splash damage within a small area.

SINGULARITY MOD: This mod shoots a small sphere a short distance from your bro that expands into a large sphere that does continuous damage to any enemies inside or partially touching the sphere for a short duration.

SHOE SPEEDER MOD (BRO-CCELARATOR): This mod gives your bro a temporary increase in movement speed when used.

D-COY MOD: This mod creates a temporary replica of your bro that enemies will attack, as long as the enemies are closer to your decoy than you.

SHIELD MOD: This mod surrounds your bro with an impenetrable shield that prevents any damage for a short duration.

MALLET OF BRAWN MOD: This mod fires a tracking laser from the bro’s satellite system, following enemies around the map and damaging them over time.

SHOCKWAVE MOD: This mod deals a very small amount of damage with a large knockback component, clearing the area and giving your bro some breathing room.

BOX MISSILE MOD (S.W.A.R.M.): Fires a swarm of small rockets that spread out and immediately converge on a target in front of you. Great for groups of weak enemies or bosses!

AIR STRIKE MOD: Devastation with one button press. This mod fires an enormous volley of rockets over a short period of time, obliterating all but the toughest enemies.
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