The never ending Arena resurrection

The G ManThe G Man Registered Users 5 Posts
So today I was playing the Arena mission and at about level 17, I finally died. Much to my surprise though, I quickly got back up on my feet with full health. At first I thought I must have accidentally used a defibrillator or something, but no. Turns out every time I would die, the game would automatically resurrect me. I eventually got to level 25 before just quitting.

The problem of course is that none of your accomplishments get saved as you never finish the mission.


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    AY420AY420 Registered Users 76 Posts
    Same experience here G Man....
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    I wish i could experience that unfortunately when I die, I stay dead unless I revive myself.

    FYI. I'm back and I miss you all friends.
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