Anxiously awaiting an update!!!!!!!!!

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I have made sure to take my time with this game because i know that once you hit the end, you cannot go back and replay any of the missions, which I wish we could in an upcoming update. (hint hint). This is such a fun game but when we get to the end, it is virtually no good to us and we don't know how long we should even leave it on our device. Is there an update planned to come in in the near future to carry on the story line of Evelyn and these crazy zombies??? I'm still having a heck of a time with the "kill 3 crows" mission, as I have yet to see a single crow yet, but I hear them all the time. Maybe one day I'll get luck and get all 3 in a single missions (wishful thinking lol). I just hope there is an update coming for us in the very near future for this. Even with my slow playing, I am almost to the end. I love this game and would love to see it continued. Maybe adding some different backgrounds other than the lab and the outside gas station area would be nice. I t would be really cool if Shooter (from SVZ1) would somehow come back into the story. There was never anything said as to what happened to him, so I always hope to see him and his wheelchair in a mission soon. I know there are may zombie hunters out there that re patiently awaiting an update for this, so I thought I'd say something about it. So please show the zombie team that they are desperately wanted and their imagination and skills is in high demand at the moment. Thanks. ;)

Please post if you are ready for an update/continuation of CKZ2 and what kinds of things you would like to see in it. Like new backgrounds, SHOOTER, new special zombies. MORE CROWS FOR US TO SHOOT AT lol., etc. I don't want to see this game come to an end like it's predecessor did. It's too awesome!!!! Thanks.:)
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    I'm with you this. Where are Evelyn's missions!!
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