The Best Weapons In Contract Killer 1

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Based on experience, the best weapons in the list from 1st (good) to last (bad) in 2 categories: assault, sniper
  1. Nanotech Sniper
  2. The Nail Gun
  3. Nanotech Infinite
  4. The Zerostorer
  5. Anti-Material Rifle
  6. High-Stability Rifle
  7. Cheetah Rifle
  8. Ballistic Sniper Rifle
  9. High Balance Sniper Rifle
  10. Accuracy Plus Sniper Rifle
  11. Timewarper Rifle
  12. Sniper Rifle
  13. Hunting Rifle
*Note: This list does not include all weapons, just those that I have or have used in the "client has left you a weapon" contracts.

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  • Elite Contract MurdererElite Contract Murderer New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Now for assault weapons. This has the same issue. Not complete with all the weapons.
    1. Machine Gun
    2. Dual Sprayer
    3. Golden Revolvers
    4. Bulldozer Shotgun
    5. Flash Launcher
    6. Assault Crossbow
    7. Skull Crusher
    8. SWAT Shotgun
    9. SWAT SMG
    10. .50 Desert Hawk
    11. Power Pump Shotgun
    12. Hell Cannon
    13. Bison Rifle
    14. Heavy Assault Rifle
    15. SMG
    16. Handgun
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