without crows ravens hunting bug or mistake

erincksonerinckson Registered Users 1 Posts
I can not find anywhere crows for help: Mad:


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    tonykmtonykm Registered Users 1 Posts
    I too cannot find crows but I can hear them. I feel this is a bug in the game.
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    I see a lot of crows in my game - both the first and my new one. Here are some suggestions:

    - check if you have the latest game - not the first one with the mini uzis
    - try clearing the cache but do not delete the saved game data

    Although I see crows, what I do not see is the achievement/goal for killing these crows
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    DdannenDdannen Registered Users 875 Posts
    There is an early achievement for the crows a one shot deal think you have to kill three (3).
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