help! gb2 wont open. android.

HanglowHanglow Registered Users 4 Posts
I have tried restarting my phone, clearing cache, cleared up alot of room on my phone, and reinstalled. The game still won't open. When it happened I just finished a game then shut down the game. I had some more time to play about 10 or 15 minutes later. Went to open it and it went through the verifying files or somthing page then went to the portrait of the gun bros. Its been stuck not doing anything on the gun bros picture. ive let it stay on that page for about 15 minutes before giveing up on several occasions. Still nothing. My device is a droid DNA.


  • HanglowHanglow Registered Users 4 Posts
    Anyone able to help?
  • TheJollySatanTheJollySatan Registered Users 1 Posts
    Having exactly the same problem. It has worked previously on my google nexus 4 and now it doesn't work at all. How am i meant to send glu my hard earned cash if their games break so easily?
  • absolut247absolut247 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same thing with me. Started yesterday on my nexus 7. Uninstalled , reinstalled, still not loading.
  • HanglowHanglow Registered Users 4 Posts
    This is one hell of a support forum though. Over two weeks and not a word. Can't find any info on the web on thus subject. Every time I do a Google search sure as shit this is the best option, sadly this forum has no one to help apparently.
  • GluAdminGluAdmin Administrator 2,464 Posts
    If you have questions about the purpose of these forums, please consult this thread here:

    Our devs are aware of the issue and are working to reproduce it, however, the best course of action is ensure you're running the latest update and to submit a customer service ticket to document your device/OS etc:
  • RestlessOraRestlessOra Registered Users 2 Posts
    Guys i know exactly how to fix the problem.. If u have the settings of automatically close background apps on turn it off. If it closes when the mini-clip begins continuously tap the screen so you can skip it that should work..
  • absolut247absolut247 Registered Users 2 Posts
    How about the folks who have submitted a ticket, such as myself? Its been about a week, and I haven't heard a peep from you guys. I have uninstalled, cleared data, clear cache, etc, and the game stays on the splash screen without showing the loading in the corner. Then it closes.
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