Glu credits not working

J2000bigelowJ2000bigelow Registered Users 4 Posts
For a while now, my glu credit balance in the game has shown 0 but I was able to buy potions when I needed them. Today I tried to buy some attack potions (because I only had 2 left) and, despite the fact that I earned 9 last night from daily login/challenges and haven't used any of them, it won't let me buy anything with glu credits. I have 191 glu credits in one pool and 9 glu credits in the other pool on my device. Blood & Glory: Legend SHOULD be connected to the pool with 191 glu credits and it SHOULD have put 9 in there last night which would have made it an even 200. The 2 pools for glu credits have been something that I have wondered about for as long as I've had them, but they have nothing to do with this issue.
I have version 1.1.0 of Blood & Glory: Legend because that is the version that the amazon AppStore has.


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