Tons O' Guns

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I have been playing Tons 'O Guns for many many hours (days) and have spent close to $100 on Glu Gold purchases. I am on level 50 and just finished region 7 for the third time. The levels have gotten more difficult and pay outs after beating the "Thugs" have been getting higher, in the $300-400 range for regular enemies and $1000 for bosses, as I progress and that is what I was expecting going into my 4th round of regions 1-7. BUT now after I fight the first character in the 1st Region the payout is $10.00 and the game will not let me progress. Over much time I have built up my character and acquired many "Epic" and "Legendary" weapons and gear as well as over $40,000,000.00 in cash, over 1500 Glu Gold Bars with a LVL50 status.I have now waisted my gold trying to figure out this issue. Has all this time and money been waisted?!? Please help!?!

iPhone 5 64GB (over 18GB free)
IOS 6.1.4


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