From rich to poor in .1 update

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I'm happy to say that after the update from 1.0 to 1.1 I am now back to being able to play in the legendary regions again! However, lol, now the moetary system has changed significantly. I have $40,000,000. cash and the upgrades for my current weapons were around $500,000. which seemed reasonable and still made me have to really think about what I wanted to upgrade. But now upgrades are over $1,000,000. per upgrade. Wow. Looks like I'm gonna need to be a little more conservative now. Lol.
Also, enemy's are much much tougher which is not such a bad thing but I think the special items should be rewarded more often. Also with this increase in toughness and cost per item upgrade, I think the fees for gold should be lowered a little bit or more sale discounts.

**UPDATE: After a few hours of playing the update version 1.1 I am actually quite disappointed. The glitch of not being able to play after beating in legendary mode has been resolved (kind of) with the update but now I am stuck in legendary mode and all of the powerful equipment I have earned is not powerful anymore. Items are rarely rewarded now and if they are, they are "common" or "uncommon" items with very little strength (at legendary level!?!) I am definitely not going to continue to make purchases if the only items I can acquire are to weak to beat the opponents. I'm really quite sad, this was a great game that kept me wanting more but now it doesn't seem to be worth investment. Maybe one day a Tons O' Guns 2 will come out and these issues will be resolved.And I've also noticed that now it takes 5 Gold bars to refil energy and also I believe it is taking longer for the energy to refill itself if you don't have gold bars to spend. I feel your pain, I truly feel let down by this update, I was sooo excited when I saw the update and then I started playing and like I said before all of my hard earned (not paid for) weapons are so much weaker now / everything costs a lot more to upgrade / special (and even not so special) items are even rarer now and enemy's are 10x harder to kill even with my "Legendary" weapons (wich have somehow become less powerful than some common weapons!?!)
Yep, just an all around disappointment!
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