Update Version 1.1 Extremely Disappointing

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First off, I appreciate all of your hard work y'all have a great team over there and it shows in you product!
Now to my point; I'm not sure if this recent Tons O' Guns update was more for new coming players but for me (and others) as a veteran player with many long hours invested the update has been very disappointing. Yesturday,before the update, I was impatiently waiting for this Friday (pay day) so I could restock on gold (and as I've said before, I never spend money on iOS games) but then the update happend and now I really don't see the point in making a purchase, I'll explain why: It seems there has been a drastic change in the value of in-game currency as well as in the amount of items rewarded for winning a fight also now my strongest guns and gear have become very ineffective and trying to upgrade those items with my $45,000,000.00 bank roll has almost bankrupted me (in the game) and it took quite some time (and gold$$) to achieve that amount and now it's about worthless. Basically I'm just not excited to play anymore which is odd because for the past few weeks I have been unable to put it down.

Maybe it's just me and everyone else is enjoying the update but my suggestion would be maybe make a new set of dificulty levels and to please make the level of dropped loot/guns/items comparable to the level of play and to make the price of upgrades more attainable. (You could also drop the price of gold or have more discounts of it, I can almost guarantee you will make more $$$ in the long run)

Anyhow, thank you for your time. I'd be happy to explain any of my issues in greater detail if needed. Again thank you for all your hard work, I am greatful to have had the chance to play the most awesome game in the App Store (before the update to 1.1)

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    I understand your frustration with some of the points that you have encountered in the game. And in fairness with the glu team they will be trying their best to address issues that prevent us from enjoying our games.

    Your feedback is very important since it will definitely help identify what problems are players encountering as well as other improvements that will make the game better. I believe there is a solution and we just need to keep an open mind and provide constructive feedback.

    Cheers. One suggestion I do with my glu games. I make an installation backup of all my games using Android Assistant or something similar. It creates an installation that I can reinstall if the update of a particular game is quirky or has glitches.
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