To glu support crew:

peterwlwpeterwlw Registered Users 2 Posts
it is a big big bug that mess me a lot , when i try my best to fight the second boss in 'epic armor event , the game crackdown and i tried to relaunch the game again, the problem still cannot be solved. I wish i can move on to the third boss but the bug is my largest ostacle... plz plz fix it!!!thx


  • NumbdrumNumbdrum Registered Users 13 Posts
    Now i just opened the game and my $20,000,000.00 has turned into $40,000.00!!!Where did my cash go?.. Oh yea upgrades now cost in the millions but payouts for winning are just over a thousand. AND!!.... NOW IT TAKES OVER 1,000 GOLD BARS TO UPGRADE A WEAPON!!! WHAT'S GOING ON, WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING SUCH A GOOD GAME!!
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