Energy not refilled on level 11, Contract Killer WP 7.8

Vlad PaulVlad Paul Registered Users 7 Posts
Hi, Glu Team.
I have installed in my ZTE Tania(Windows Phone 7.8 OS) the game Contract Killer(is my favourite game). On level 11 energy has blocked...stoped charging energy level. Progress stoped on: 2/29, energy is not refilled. Please solve this bug. I uninstalled game after some time and reinstalled againe and now work energy progres until 26/26 but im afraid when i will reach level 11 to not happened againe. When ii reinstaled Contract Killer i lost game progres, the game started from 1st level againe. My GamerTag in XBox Live is: Vlad Paul. I hope GLU Team will solve this bug. Thank you nice and i wait your reply.


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