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I'm quite angry right now. I just spent 4 hours. FOUR HOURS - writing a guide (at least a start of one) and when I went to post it made me log in again (it had disconnected me) and it only restores the first...hmm...paragraph of my SEGA LONG EXPLANATION. RAWR RAWR RAWR! :mad:

Now I have to start again. Screw you Glu Games! This is that last game I play of yours! (lets be real though, I'll be playing it for ever)

Here's what I'm going to do THIS time around. I'm going to write it all in Microsoft Word. THEN post it here. So be patient my friends, I'm writing with a passionate unbridled fury!

UPDATE: If you post a comment, and then I make changes to my guide as per everyones notes, please then delete your post so that the updated guide information doesn't end up buried seven pages into the thread :)


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    Games Basics:
    In Age of God’s you’ll spend countless hours collecting Souls, summoning Heros, cultivate fields of money, and battling the world.
    To make it easy for all you people out there who have questions, but no money, I have endeavored to make this thread the ULTIMATE GUIDE OF AWESOME. But first there are a few things you need to know:

    1. There Are Different Types of Souls
    The whole point of the game is to summon souls at the Pantheon, collect / recruit them, summon those souls into ACTUAL Heros who can fight for you and then go be boss elsewhere. In order to pass any levels, let alone compete in places like the Parthenon, Arena or Olympiad, you’ll want decent Hero’s. There are five types of Heros you can acquire: Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple.

    TIP: You’ll definitely be wanting to summon Purple or Blue Heros

    Now, just because a Hero doesn’t START off as being Blue or Purple, doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them, but overall its better to just start with a Blue or Purple Hero – they are the cream of the crop! You will note that when you first summon a ‘Purple’ Hero/God its icon will be Blue. This is because you can do one upgrade for best star ranking at that point. We’ll get more into that later though.

    2. Being a VIP is Awesome
    Being a VIP is stinkin costly – you have no idea. I’m currently a VIP 8…I am not proud of this, as it costs ALOT. For people who think that being a VIP is the only way to get up in the rankings – your wrong. You can make it just as far as a high level VIP the only difference is the amount of time it takes you to get there. A lot of the VIP benefits focus on speeding things up for you – letting you skip time consuming battles, enabling quick fights, etc. If your patient, then you can make it just as far as us richer people. I think there is a story about a hare and a turtle that s applicable here…..

    3. Element Stones (and friends) are Important
    Up until level 20 you can upgrade your buildings with silver alone, but after that you’ll need element stones (Fire Ash, Water Source, Earth Spirit and Wind Breeze). You’ll be given an element when you start, and your stuck with it. That element is the one you need the most of (it will be required for ALL your buildings). You can level your stone up every 10 levels (Level 30, 40, 50 etc.) to increase the amount you can get each day, but you’ll also need the other elements as well. To do this, ya gotta make some friends. The colour of your friends borders (Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue) indicate what element they have (Red – Fire Ash, Purple – Wind Breeze, Yellow – Earth Spirit, Blue – Water Source). Once you have them added you can “Capture” their stone, and collect from it every 4 hours. THERE IS A LIMIT ON HOW MANY TIMES A DAY YOU CAN COLLECT FROM YOUR FRIENDS. I however, don’t know what it is. I think I can collect 5 or 6 times.

    TIP: You can rob a capture stone, but also you can be robbed!
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    The Game Map
    There are several buildings you can go to in Age of Gods covered over two screens. The left screen holds your buildings and by going right you get to your fields.

    Lets Start at the Right. Here you can Plant Seeds for Silver, Gems and Gold as well as collect Element Stones. You unlock the first five fields as you level. The back two rows you need a combination of gold, money and friends. The bottom left field is unlocked by becoming a VIP.

    The Element Stones unlock at Lvl 20, Lvl 40 and Lvl 60. Each one can be upgraded every 10 levels to increase the amount of the element you receive.

    Now for the left screen: The buildings!
    There are 11 Buildings total in the game (so far) that you can acquire. You start with some, but others are unlocked as you level up. The buildings are as follows:
    The Panthenon – Level 1 Required
    The Main Hall - Level 1 Required
    The War Gate - Level 1 Required
    The Forge - Level 8 Required
    The Parthenon - Level 10 Required
    The Arena - Level 14 Required
    The Nightmare - Level 17 Required
    The Tower of Babel - Level 23 Required
    The Ring of Pharoah – Level 12 Required
    The Soul Alter - Level 16 Required
    The Olympiad - Level 30 Required

    TIP: I’ll go over each building and what you can do in the next post.

    Now, you’ll notice on the outside of the screen there are some different icons that are always there. There is you VIP Level (Crown), Energy Points, Hour Points (Purple Coins), Gold and Silver.
    Bottom is your Mission Panel, Menu Panel and Friend Panel (Green Button).
    Upper Right Corner is Your Daily Sign In (Gold Helmet Icon), Activity Rewards (Chest), Game Notices (Present), Dragon Egg (….the egg….) and then the different changing activities (my screen shot has the flowery chest which is for the activity Gaia’s Blessing).
    The key thing I want to go over this round is the Activity Chest. There are four reward chests you can open daily that are a result of completing certain tasks. They can be opened when you reach Activity Levels of 40, 75, 105 and 140. The contents are the same. Hourly you can receive an online reward which is random (could be silver, badges, gems, seeds, etc.). This is the ONLY place you can receive a Gold Seed Chest, so its best to try and get the first two chests at least.

    Activities you can do for points are as follows:
    - Nightmare Challenge (x 2)
    - Enhance Equipment (x 3)
    - Farmland Seeding (x 5)
    - Refresh the Pantheon (x 5)
    - General Leaping (x 1)
    - Use Energy Potion (x 1)
    - General Training (x 1)
    - Invite a Friend (x 1)
    - Water Your Friends Farmland (x 5)
    - Use the Luxuriant Mana (x 1)
    - Friend's General Event (x 5)
    - Tower of Babel Challenges (x 2)
    - Arena Challenge (x 1)
    - Get Training XP (x 2)
    - Get Friends Element Stone (x 3)
    - Clear Cooldown Time (x 3)
    - Pass this stage (x 5)
    - Pay in Gold or Cash (x 1)
    - Receive the Element Stone (x 1)
    - Login Reward (x 1)
    - Extra VIP Activity (x 1)

    Activity Rewards Chests:
    Level 40 – 500 Silver, Luxuriant Mana
    Level 75 – 1000 Silver, Hero Badge, Gold Seed Chest
    Level 105 – 1500 Silver, God Badge, Teaching Badge, Luxuriant Mana
    Level 140 – 2000 Silver, Teaching Badge, Discharge Badge
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    The Pantheon
    The Pantheon is an important part of the Age of Gods universe. Here, you can perform 5 different refreshes which will bring you heros:

    1. Common Refresh. This can be performed 10 times daily at no cost, or you can speed up the process for 10 gold. Note that even by using gold to speed it up, you can still only refresh 10 times for this type.

    2. Silver Refresh: This can be performed once a day at no cost, or as many times are you want for 50 gold. You have an increased chance of getting 1 star or higher souls.

    3. Gold Refresh: This can be performed once every two days at no cost, or as many times as you can afford for 200 gold each. You have an increased chance of getting 2 star or higher souls.

    4. Supreme Refresh: This can be performed once a week, or as many times as you can afford for 500 gold each. You have an increased chance of getting 3 star of higher souls.

    5. Supreme Refresh x 10: This you can not get for free. It costs you 5,000 gold. You get a whack of varied souls (similar to doing 10 Supreme Refreshes) and ONE guaranteed Six-Star Hero.

    TIP: Just because you have a better chance of getting better souls doesn’t mean you will. You can pull up three grey souls on a gold refresh easily. Regardless of what souls you get, RECRUIT THEM ALL! Any extra souls you may not summon to fight can be combined at the Soul Alter later, so its best to store them up so that maybe, one day, those useless Grey Summons will become a strong and powerful Sif!

    That’s really all there is to the Pantheon, but for fun, I figured; why not list all the souls you can get in the game?
    Here they are!

    Grey Souls:
    White, Brown, Black

    White Souls:
    Paris, Daedalus, Hebe, Circe, Hippolyta, Atropos, Tisiphone, Lachesis, Megaera, Andromeda, Xerxes I, Alecto, Heraclitus, Diogenes, Clotho, Epicurus, Hephaestion, Selen, Rhadamanthus, Euclid, Persephone, Hector, Minos, Ptolemy, Eros Jr.

    Green Souls:
    Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Archimedes, Jason, Medea, Minotaurus, Helen, Icarus, Homer, Sisyphus, Atlas

    Blue Souls:
    Aristotle, Tartaurus, Theseus, Eros, Heracles, Achilles, Prometheus, Cassandra, Odysseus, Leonidas, Alexander, Perseus, Europa, Medusa

    Purple Souls:
    Dionysus, Odin, Cronus, Ares, Freyka, Gilgamesh, Thor, Zeus, Sif, Enkidu, Charon, Shu, Loki, Poseidon, Ra, Tefnut, Pandora, Anubis, Gaia, Helios, Aphrodite, Ouranos, Pan, Tyr, Hades
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    This is where I was last time when I lost everything…I can feel that simmering rage building again……
    Anyways, The Main Hall! Four tabs here, and lots to do. Starting from left to right, we being with:

    The Gear Tab
    Here at the gear tab you summon your Heros, dismiss them, equip / unequip gear, upgrade summoned souls and evolve them.

    Lets start with Summoning!

    To the right of this screen is a list of the hero’s you have souls for. If there is a shiny circle in the upper right hand icon of the souls box, it means you can summon!

    TIP: If the shiny circle is a different colour (i.e. Green, Blue, Purple) then the outline of the box, it means you have enough souls to jump to an upgraded state.

    Back to summoning, each Hero requires a certain number of souls before they can be summoned. Grey Souls, White Souls and Green Souls only require one soul in order to summon. Each one will come with a set star ranking to begin with – Grey Souls have no stars, White Souls have one star, Green Souls have two stars.

    Blue Souls is where it changes. Some Blue Heros are 5 souls to summon (Medusa) and are 3 stars. Others are 25 souls to summon and 4 stars (Leonidas).

    Purple Souls are either 30 souls to summon (Pandora) and are 5 stars or 45 soul to summon (Zeus) and 6 stars.

    Once summoned a Hero can be Upgraded with a specific number of souls.

    Green Souls are 10 souls to upgrade to Blue (3 Stars), and then 60 souls to upgrade to Purple (4 Stars),
    Blue Souls that are 5 Souls to Summon: 20 Souls to Upgrade to 4 Stars, 75 Souls to Upgrade to 5 Stars
    Purple Souls that are 30 Souls to Summon: 90 Souls to Upgrade to 6 Stars
    Purples Souls that are 45 Souls to Summon: 120 Souls to Upgrade to 7 Stars

    TIP: When you are refreshing the Pantheon sometimes you’ll get multiple souls. For example – when you refresh and get Leonidas, you don’t get 1 Leonidas soul, you get 25. Similarly you can get 71 or 11 Helen souls (so straight to 3 or 4 Stars), or 120 Pandora souls (straight to 6 stars).

    Aside from increasing their star rank, upgrading your Heros increase the number of passive abilities they can have, as well as gives you extra attribute points to spend.

    Now, let’s pretend that you’ve fully upgraded your Heros. Once they turn Level 60 you will have a chance to Evolve them. Unlike your recruited Heros, your Main Hero can evolve earlier on at the cost of specific amounts of the elements (Fire Ash, Water Source, Wind Breeze, Earth Spirit, and Spirit Stone). Now, I’m not at level 60 so I don’t know what it does to other Heros, but in the case of your Main Hero, it gives you more attribute points to distribute (we’ll talk about that later though).

    Aside from all the above stuff to do, you can also equip / unequip your gear (this is kinda easy to figure out, so have at it yourselves).

    Lastly, you can Dismiss your Heros. In order to do this they must be unequipped. Once dismissed a percentage of their XP goes into the XP Pool located in the Training Tab (see below).
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    The Ability Tab
    Are you in it to win it? Then you will need to upgrade your abilities and make your Heros invincible with passive abilities.

    Pretending (again) that you have a Green or higher Hero (preferably one you’ve upgraded all the way) you will have two attacks (One direct, One special) as well as room for SIX passive abilities. You do not get to choose your attacks – they come with the Hero.

    Passive abilities however you can choose. By completing stages in the War Gate you can receive pieces of different passive abilities. Once you’ve collected them all you can combine them and then teach them to your Heros.

    TIP: Instead of trying to drop them in the War Gate, you can steal them at 2 energy points a try at the Ring of the Pharaoh (Ring of Ra). The good news? Once combined, that completed ability can’t be stolen. The bad news? Any fragments not combined can be.

    Now, I’ve said this on other threads and in game, but I will say it again: DON’T TEACH YOUR HEROS STUPID ABILITIES. I am of course referring to: Piety, Swordsmanship, Stone Skin and Contemplation. These each barely increase you PA / MA/ PD / MD and are a waste of space because there are better abilities you can gain if your patient.

    My perfect combination? Titan Blood, Rejuvenation, Mind Cleaning, Steel Skin, Ecstasy and then either Meditation (if your Hero has MA) or Sword Dance (if your Hero has PA).

    You can get other techniques too, but I would say that in most cases these are the best.

    Now, some of the Hero’s automatically come with stupid abilities. Fortunately, you can delete them, at 169 gold by buying a Water of River Styx. Here is the only catch – the water RANDOMLY chooses an ability. Never fear – you still have to agree to delete the ability before it will, but it may take several waters before it chooses the right ability to delete. Also – you don’t get your skill books back if you used it on an ability that is deleted.

    Speaking of Skill Books! In order to level up your skills, you require Skill Books. You can collect them at Purple “God” Stages at the War Gate, through the roulette in the Honor Shop (BS in my opinion – I’ve never landed one there……), by completing certain Missions (usually reaching certain levels) or as part of the VIP Reward Bags you can buy with gold.

    There are 7 Skill Books that I know of so far and they can be used as your Heros level (Skill Book 2 at Lvl 10, 3 at Lvl 20, 4 at Lvl 30, 5 at Lvl 40, 6 at Lvl 50 and 7 at Lvl 60). By using a skill book on an ability you increase its abilities (more attack / defense etc.) depending on what it does.

    The Train Tab
    Oh to train your Hero’s is a marvelous thing! In total you can train 7 Heros if you have every slot. You can either open slots by leveling up (Lvl 20, 40, 60, 80, etc.) or by spending gold. Once you assign a Hero, they will steadily gain XP over time. The max is VIP / 22hrs. You can redeem their training by spending silver, 10 gold or 50 gold.

    TIP 1: If you cancel a Hero’s training, any XP gained won’t be assigned, so assign it first before cancelling.

    TIP 2: Best to leave your Hero’s training for the full 22 hrs. It may take a while but you get more bang for your buck in the long run.

    You can also Leap your Heros (bottom left) using Teaching Badges (the yellow ones) or, eventually, Honor Points. The amount of XP you leap up by is dependent on the level of the Main Hall. For example, at Level 50 you gain 554 XP per leap by using a Teaching Badge or spending 180 Honor Points.

    You also have an XP Pool. If you dismiss a hero, the a percentage of their XP earned will go into the XP Pool. Also when you use a 100 XP or 500 XP card, the XP goes into the XP Pool. You can distribute the XP Pool to any hero EXCEPT the Main Hero.

    The Point Tab
    This is how you win. Right there. Just kidding, but seriously, this is important. Each Hero is a different Type – STR-STA, INT-STA, STR-AGI, INT-AGI. This indicates what their best attributes are. For example, STR-STA (meaning Strength – Stamina) means they have Physical Attacks, and better Magical Defense. Where as INT-AGI (meaning Intelligence – Agility) means they have Magical Attacks and better Physical Defense. As your Hero levels up they will receive Points which can be cultivated into increased attributes.

    They only attributes you can cultivate are STR (Strength), INT (Intelligence), STA (Stamina) and AGI (Agility). You will notice that either STR or INT will be greyed out on each Hero – this is an attribute they don’t need. Someone with STR (Physical Attacks) has no use for INT and therefore you can decrease this attribute with no fear.

    You have the option to perform 3 types of cultivation:
    - Common Cultivation (Costs 50 Honor Points)
    - Careful Cultivation (Costs 10 Gold)
    - Enhanced Cultivation (Costs 50 Gold)
    They more costly the cultivation the bigger the attribute changes, and the better chance they will only be increases to your attributes.

    TIP: If you have no spare points floating around you can still cultivate, however for every increase, there will be an equal amount of decrease.

    Now, lets say you choose to cultivate and it brings up the changes of -1 Str, -4 Agi, -1 Int, +6 Sta. If you don’t want to keep this change, you can choose to cancel and it will not apply the changes. However, you’ll still lose the Honor Points / Gold you spent to pull up that potential change.

    You’ll notice that there are three other attributes on the Gear Tab – Crit, Hit and Dodge. These are attribute that are applied to your Hero through Gems embedded into their weapons or by bonuses from the Soul Alter.
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    Hey, not sure if you know what luck point do? I haven't been able to figure it out, my only guess is i seem to go up more levels refining gear after gaining luck points.

    Any ideas?
  • TarzianTarzian New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    one area where i found the game to even mention luck was over in the ring of ra. when you kill the guy and dont get the abilty chapter. it says your luck isnt enough. however thats the only thing i have found with luck. i was wondering if i helped the random rolls on gods and or maybe the daily check other people characters thing.
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    Sasorie it's 120 to upgrade a summoned 7* and 165 to just summon as a 7. And by the way there are no "4* blues" all of them start as 3 ... Every blue soul can be summoned with 5 you probably just had 25 Leonidas which in that case it doesn't let you summon him as a 3*
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Tarzian and enlighten, I'm not entirely sure about the luck points either... But there used to be a "rotary draw" theme and my guess was that it had something to do with that. I don't know what they are for, for sure though.
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    What is recharge and rebate ? Is that an old event ?
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    Thank you so much for this informative guide, Sasorie! I'm sure having this information available will help new players immensely and hopefully grow the game more since they won't be clueless, and hopefully will be more likely to stick around.
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    The War Gate
    The War Gate is yet another important part of Age of Gods. In order to use the War Gate you will of course need energy points (you start with 10 and gain more by leveling up as well as by gaining VIP levels). Each stage requires 1 energy point per run. Want to do 10 runs? That’s 10 energy points. If you are defeated in battle, you will still lose that energy point.

    Upon entering the War Gate you will find Main Stages and Minor Stages. Main Stages (such as Sundering, Golden Fleece 1 &2, Iliad 1 & 2 etc.) each have multiple Minor Stages within them that come in varying difficulties and providing varying amounts of XP if beaten.

    You will notice that Minor Stages are broken into three colours, which represent the difficulty. Yellow Minor Stages (or “Regular Stages”) are the easiest to complete and result in the lowest amount of XP. Though it increases a bit as you progress, it is still less in every case then that of the Blue Minor Stages (or “Elite Stages”). Blue stages are the first of the minor stages to have a limit on how many times you can run them – you can per day only run an Elite Stage 10 TIMES unless you have a red Hero Badge. Final at the end of the stage, you will have a Purple stage or the “Boss Stage”. The XP earned at Boss Stages is exponentially higher than the other minor stages, and with that comes the limitation of only being able to run it 3 TIMES (unless you have a purple God Badge), and you have to have help from 2 other players.

    TIP: Don’t have enough friends? Once a day you have access to assistance at Boss Stages from tw0 Lvl 20 NPC’s. After that you can (for 13 gold each) buy the services of two lvl 15 Mercenary’s or lvl 65 Elites (at 125 gold each)

    It is important to note that at first there are NO Boss Stages – the first one you come across is at the Main Stage – Golden Fleece 2. There are other Main Stages with no Boss Stages, and some with more than one (Medusa 2 for instance).

    Upon completing each Minor Stage, you will have a chance to win 1 of 5 randomly selected items (usually Seeds, Ability Book Pieces or Equipment). In the cases of Elite Stages, you will have the chance to win 2 slightly better items (possible gem seeds, or green ranked equipment – even Poseidon Souls!). Boss Stages are where the goodies are. Most Boss Stages offer either Souls, Skill Books or better equipment. Unlike Regular & Elite stages, when these special items come up it will offer you right off the bat to sell those special items to you for 150 gold (you can of course do this on the other minor stages as well, just in the case of the Boss Stage, it will pop up as soon as your done your fight saying “Would you like to spend 150 Gold to – Insert Awesome Item Here - ).
    Speaking of spending gold….you can for any item ‘Omit’ it (which means buying it for 150 gold) instead of getting an item through luck of the draw. If you don’t omit an item, you are at the mercy of the system.

    TIP: Just because Elite & Boss Stages offer special items DOES NOT mean that it will come up each time you win a fight. Sometime you will max your runs of the stage only to find no special items came up at all. It’s all a case of luck!

    The other interesting thing about the War Gate is that a majority of your missions stem from it. You will see ‘!’ over top of Major Stages that have minor stages you can run to complete missions (these will be marked with either Branch or Story above them).

    Speaking of the Story, the first time you complete a minor stage you have to complete it without skipping. Once you have beaten it once you can either Fight (and then Skip to the end once you’ve started), Quick Fight (if you’re a VIP 4), or Sweep (you must be at least lvl 15 for this, and the stage must have a 3 star ranking). Every time you complete a minor stage it gives you a star ranking out of 3 based on whether all your Heros made it out alive and how many turns it took you.

    For instance, when completing Eye & Tooth 1, if all your heros survive and it only takes you, lets say 10 turns, then you will be awarded with a 3 Star rating. The rating is useful in the cases of allowing you to Sweep (this features just gives you the XP and the random drops you would win immediately , all at once instead of running the same stage 10 times individual) and also for achievements.

    TIP: Achievement don’t do anything for you in game right no. You don’t get Honor, or silver, or gold or some kind of ranking – its just for fun. You can check the which achievements you can have / get by going to Setting and choosing Achievements. Just a note: Every Main Stage you complete unlocks an achievement, and Every Main Stage you complete with all minor stages with 3 star rankings unlocks an achievement).
  • EnlightenEnlighten New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Anyone have any suggestions to get purple hero's?
    I'm level 36, and yet to get one blue or purple hero from parthenon.

    Currently VIP 1, and yet to spend any of the gold.

    Any suggestions are welcome
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Enlighten: for 200 gold you get a gauranteed 4* blue hero in the pantheon. Or just save up all your grey, white and green souls and keep combining
  • TarzianTarzian New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    just a question for all who come through the thread here. As far as the Soul Altar goes. what are you all finding the best use of the Soul table to be.

    eg. PA
  • EnlightenEnlighten New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Kyle, im good with blues, but to get purples using soul alter takes a lot... way more then I have or will get anytime soon.

    Tarzain, I find that using agility serves me the best at lower levels (lvl 37) , It pretty much guarantees I strike first on people my level, or even a bit higher. Also allows me to clear waves effectively in war gate.

    Don't see much of a point to def, and unless all your hero's are all str or all int. then some of the PA/MA is going to waste.
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    My soul table is PA + 90, MA + 108, PD + 26. But those are just the souls I had ... If I had the choice I'd use hit, crit, dodge
  • EnlightenEnlighten New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Has anyone ever gotten a skill book from the honor shop thing?

    I always see them spin around but have never gotten one. I even tried buying the seeds and still no luck...
  • RyderRyder New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    I think it's just there as a space filler. I've never got a skill book from it either
  • GeoDragonGeoDragon New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Do you have a write up for the soul altar? Should I even bother lighting up all the spots and leveling them? Or should I just go to the combining tab and merge them all up to purple level?
  • EnlightenEnlighten New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Im not too sure, I am struggling with it myself a little bit, s I recently found that the lvl 35 slot (4%) on soul table wont take any white souls... something to keep in mind.
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    I already replied but apparently it didn't go through -_- in my opinion I would just combine for at least blues ... Preferably purples. After the second table it will no longer take whites or lower then lvl 2 after the sixth it won't take green anymore and I'm assuming lower then lvl 3 (not entirely sure .. My purple there is lvl 3). I would say leveling whites and green are a waste ... (not only do they miss out on the better attributes "hit, crit, dodge, agility" because they are always in effect) but they also just waste souls. White only go up one point per level and green go 2.
    I have a lvl 6 Medea who is only +19. That's the same as a lvl 3 blue. Blues jump about 10 per lvl I have a lvl 6 Leonidas and lvl 5 medusa and they're +50's purple jump 10 points for the first two lvls then 20 points at lvl4 7* purples are definitely what you want though. Just a lvl 2 7* is 30 something so who knows what lvl 3 would be
  • MichaelElevenMichaelEleven New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    About the honor shop thing, I got one skill book once.
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Michael, did you pay gold for the spin?
  • MichaelElevenMichaelEleven New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Im pretty sure I didnt.
  • CaptCrunchCaptCrunch New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    actually I just got a skill book as well. it was the gold spin (I didn't pay gold to unlock it though) and it was Skill book 8 for 50,000 honour. at the time I think I was like level 30 so the possibility of me ever reaching such a high level seemed completely unlikely (what level do you even need to be to use it?) so I didn't buy it
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    We don't know yet, no one can use a 7 to find out what 8 is at. I would assume 70 or 80 I'll get back to you tomorrow since I should be 60 by then
  • NessNess New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    A lot of the top guys have been slacking off recently but for skills I think hot hand counter att titans blood clean mind and regeneration and revive is a much more rigged combo
    Btw I hate challenging Kyle I home some of you main guys come back to challenge me
  • NessNess New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    It is important to use hades Thor or oronus for soul alter because they give 1% regen to you entire team also other 6 star purples give hit dodge and crit
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