Which ally should I upgrade?

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Champions: Farmer, Frostie the Bowman
Currently on wave 101

I upgraded ability slots so the base heroes have 3 each and have upgraded Kinoichi and Reinforcements a bit. My goal is to use Dagger Barrage, Flash Bomb, and Reinforcements as my main abilities for waves and multi-player. I know a number of people say farmers are good to upgrade, but whenever I use them, they just die in one hit (and often times, multiple die from the same hit).


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    When you get to really high levels most allies die quickly anyway. Farmers do a lot of damage for a low cost and are very useful as shields against archers. Do a level with the farmer as your only ally, move on top of something that has a lot of health, then use summon allies. You'll hear the farmers' attack rate speed up and the enemy will freeze until it is dead. Your attack rate speeds up because when you aren't being attacked there is nothing to slow you down.

    Below is a list of stats for allies. First number is level, second is health, third is damage and the forth is gem cost. I will periodically update this post.

    Farmer (1.0 sec to attack, 1 sec recharge)
    10/845/220 48
    11/1290/325 96

    Sword Warrior (2.0, 2)
    6/865/36 8
    8/1452/60 18
    9/1741/73 22
    10/2100/83 26

    Farmer on Stilts (1.5, 3)
    11/380/325 32

    Bowman (2.0, 3) or Frosty (4.0, 3)
    6/165/64 12
    7/230/83 18
    8/320/94 22
    9/480/119 26
    10/719/140 30
    11/1080/172 60

    Spear Warrior (2.0, 3)
    6/215/122 10

    Shield Samurai (1.0, 15)
    6/3500/60 14

    Rocket Farmer (3.5, 15)
    6/95/85 12
    7/120/100 18
    8/160/120 22
    9/210/135 26
    10/260/180 30
    11/335/250 60

    Handmaiden (3.0, 2)
    6/150/150 12
    7/200/175 18
    8/250/200 22
    9/300/225 26
    10/350/250 30
    11/425/297 60

    Panzer Samurai (2.5, 5)
    6/2973/51 14
    10/6675/105 34
    11/8350/130 68

    Priest (?, 1)
    2/235/60 12
    3/280/70 16
    4/320/80 20
    5/420/90 24
    6/475/100 28
    7/550/130 32
    8/650/170 36
    9/720/250 40
    10/795/340 44
    11/910/475 88

    Nobunaga (3.0 - 5 strikes, 1)
    2/3200/35 20
    3/4200/40 22
    4/5350/50 24
    5/7000/60 26
    6/9150/65 28
    7/11150/75 30
    8/14450/80 32
    9/17300/87 36
    10/20800/93 40
    11/26000/102 80

    Horse Archer (1.5, 5)
    6/175/125 12
    7/210/150 18
    8/250/175 22
    9/300/200 26
    10/450/250 30
    11/675/325 60

    Spear Horseman (2.5, 5)
    6/1025/315 16
    7/1230/440 22
    8/1475/615 28
    9/1620/850 32
    10/1800/1285 36
    11/2070/1940 72

    Zato (1.0, 15)
    10/10500/140 40
    11/13500/165 80

    Frostie (see bowman) slows for 4 sec, village frostie slows for 2 sec

    Assassin (1.5 - 3 strikes, 1.5)
    10/719/100 30
    11/1080/115 60

    Takeda Shingen (3.0, 1)
    2/1965/450 34

    Rocky T'man (-, 25)
    8/270/600 36
    9/350/820 48
    10/450/1050 60
    11/600/1400 120

    Heroic Mount (-, 25)
    6/900/60% 18
    7/1200/70% 24
    8/1500/80% 36
    9/1850/90% 48
    10/2200/100% 60

    Horse Master (-, 1)
    4/300 12
    5/400 24

    Riflesmith - gives bowmen nearby a rifle that increases damage by 47-48%. Higher level riflesmiths do not give better rifles. Rifles and bows both have the same range and both shoot every 2.0 sec. The riflesmith only improves the bowman ally and rifles do not go away when the rifle smith dies.

    Swordsmith - upgrades farmers nearby by increasing damage by 50%. However the farmer's attack rate is slowed from 1.0 sec to 2.0 sec which reduces damage by 25%. The swordsmith only improves the farmer ally. The damage bonus and slowed attack rate do not go away when the swordsmith dies.

    Horse Master - reduces summoning cost of mounted allies by 5 and upgrades all mounted allies. Appears to increase damage of mounted allies by 5%, but only when he is alive and nearby.

    Golden Allies - do 50% more damage and have twice the health of a regular ally. Someone mentioned that there might be 3 types of golden allies (one with improved damage, one with improved health and one with both).

    Explosive Cart (35 sec recharge) up to 14 sec to reach target
    L1 300
    L2 600
    L3 1200 20
    L4 1800 35
    L5 2500 50
    L6 2625 30

    Tornado (20 sec recharge) slows all enemies caught in it and does damage over time
    L5 230
    L6 300 18
    L9 659
    L10 922 30
    L11 968 30

    Troop Trample (60 sec recharge)
    L1 3000
    L2 6000 30
    L4 13000
    L5 13650 20

    Lethargy (23 sec recharge)
    L9 13 sec
    L10 15 sec 30
    L11 16 sec 20
    Each level beyond 10 increases lethargy 1 sec and costs 20 gems

    No need to upgrade beyond level 18 or 19 to perpetually slow the enemy.

    Divine Wind (25 sec recharge)
    L5 110
    L6 150 18

    Thunder Strike (15 sec recharge)
    L5 240
    L6 300 18

    Dagger Barrage (10 sec recharge)
    L5 165
    L6 230 18
    L7 300 18
    L8 390 20
    L9 500 20
    L10 750 26
    L11 788 30

    Flash Bomb (12 sec recharge)
    L7 7 sec/40 life steal
    L8 8 sec/60 20
    L9 8 sec/85
    L10 8 sec/120 36
    L11 8 sec/126 30
    L12 9 sec/132 30
    L13 9 sec/138 30
    L14 10 sec/144 30
    L15 10 sec/150 30
    L16 10 sec/156 30
    L17 11 sec/162 30
    L18 11 sec/168 30
    L19 12 sec/174 30
    L20 12 sec/180 30
    L21 12 sec/186 30
    L22 13 sec/192 30
    L23 13 sec/198 30

    No need to upgrade beyond level 19 or 22 to perpetually stun the enemy.

    Katana Slash (8 sec recharge)
    L5 155
    L6 200 10

    Summon Lightning (15 sec recharge)
    L5 60+5
    L6 80+5 12

    Soul Burn (15 sec recharge)

    Mystic Flame (20 sec recharge)

    Repel (5 sec recharge)

    Summon Allies (30 sec recharge), level 10 is max on iOS,
    L5 50
    L6 60
    L7 70
    L8 80
    L9 90
    L10 100

    With a level 10 summon skill characters you have picked as your allies for that wave will instantly appear on your screen until 100 is met or exceeded. This skill will only summon allies where there can be more than one of on the screen at once so you couldn't use it to summon a Zato. For example, if you only had frosty as your ally, then 5 frosty allies would appear since 5 x 20 = 100. If you only had the spear horseman, then 3 would appear. This skill will work great if you like using the rocket farmer since the recharge on that ally takes a long time and it moves slow.

    L1 1/sec 50 max
    L2 2/sec 75 max 20
    L3 2.5/sec 100 max 40
    L4 3/sec 125 max 60

    Higher level leadership increases the rate at which you gain leadership points. You can use points to upgrade your leadership for a wave (L2 costs 30, L3 costs 50 and L4 costs 75) or spend the points to summon allies. This is one of the most important skills to upgrade since you have to depend on your allies a lot.
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    I'd suggest dropping dagger barrage and adding lethargy instead. With lethargy and flash bomb combined you can pretty much stun enemies for a long period of time. I've upgraded my Kunoichi to a decent level, so she actually deals some damage, so when I stun enemies I run in to kill them, this usually works. Also my set-up mainly consists of farmers, frostie, horse spearman, the rocket guy and zato. Skills I use are lethargy, flash bomb and reinforcements. As blitz said, level 11 farmers + reinforcements + stun on a group of enemies usually kills a lot of them.
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    I don't suppose any of you have the stats for the level 11 Rocket Farmer do you? I love playing as Ronin even though he's slow, because of his armor and push back ability. I use Assassins as a meatshield wall, with Rocket Farmers behind to do splash damage and Frostie's to slow enemies down. Working on building up my Spear Horseman now for max damage. I like using my Ronin to sweep away enemies with the bridge spirits and to push back enemies that can hurt my line of Assassins.
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    Please post the info when you get to level 10. I'd also like you know the stats for the handmaiden, horse archer, and rocky t'man. Someone posted that a maxed out spearman does over 600 damage so that could be a good character to develop since it only costs 15 to summon and probably costs a lot less gems to improve, but I like the spear horseman because it moves faster and you can upgrade it further with the horse master. The farmer on stilts was the first ally I upgraded to level 11 because it cost the least amount of gems, but it is the worst character to use because it has very low health and moves slow so it often dies before it can attack.
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    Thanks everyone for the info. I've upgraded farmers a bit now and they're working well, but I'm curious what my upgraded 4-ally goal should be (mainly for single player). I'm not sure if spear warrior or rocket farmer or bowman + rifle smith would be best (in addition to farmers and sword smith). I know a lot of people are using horse spearman, but I think I'd rather try something a little different.

    In addition, what does "elite" characters mean? Is that the level 11 version?
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    When you get to really high levels you will be fighting "elite" zombies. For example, there is an elite chochinobake (gate rusher that looks like a running lantern). If you let one of those get by you, it can destroy your gate pretty fast. There is also an elite nobusuma (looks like a flying squirrel). A few of those can easily decimate all your allies that are within its striking distance.

    Farmers with the sword smith is a great strategy, but they aren't effective against anything that can attack from the air or beyond melee range. I've seen people use all sorts of allies to attack things in the air. You can also develop a skill to fight things in the air. Without knowing the final stats of each character it is hard to say which one is best, but I can tell you that the farmer on stilts is the worst. That ally might be effective for the first 50 levels, but later on almost everything kills it with one hit before it can get a single strike in.

    The best allies depends on what your main character is, what your playing style is and what you are fighting. Also if you get a golden champion that should influence what allies you want to use. Some allies like the farmer are worth spending the gems to get a golden champion. For example, if you like the samurai then you probably want the horse master, heroic mount, horse archer, horse spearman and Takeda Shingen since the horse master reduces the summoning cost of all of those and makes all of them stronger in battle.

    I think you should max out your farmer, then decide on 2-3 other allies to concentrate on because you can waste a lot of gems upgrading a bunch of allies that you might not use. I upgraded my Zato because I got the golden champion for him, but the Zato is not for everyone because he never attacks until he is attacked so I don't use him much. It is nice that he can block arrows so he could be a good shield for you if you weren't using farmers as a shield.
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    Thanks again for the info.

    I still find myself wanting to use the panzer samurai. Why don't you use him anymore?
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    I don't use the panzer samurai because I want allies that can do a lot of damage that's why a lot of people like the spear horseman. The panzer samurai is a tank that can take a lot of damage, but doesn't cause much and is more for defense. There's nothing wrong with using him. It just isn't my playing style. When you get past level 500 it takes about 3 hits from strong enemies to kill a maxed out panzer. That's not going to slow the enemy down much. Since it costs 30 to summon one that isn't a good value for me. Summoning 3 farmers at a cost of 15 is a better value for me especially since one maxed out farmer does 150% more damage (325 vs. 130) than a maxed out panzer.

    Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense.
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    Thanks for the info blitz. You spell things out logically and it makes sense.

    If you just have the golden spearhorseman and the golden riflemaster and you like to use the samurai would farmer,archer,riflemaster spearhorseman and zato be the best lineup or could you suggest a better one.

    Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated!!!
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    briguy wrote: »
    Thanks for the info blitz. You spell things out logically and it makes sense.

    If you just have the golden spearhorseman and the golden riflemaster and you like to use the samurai would farmer,archer,riflemaster spearhorseman and zato be the best lineup or could you suggest a better one.

    Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated!!!
    The riflemaster + archers is a good combo, but I still prefer Frostie, because it slows down your enemies. I'm only at level 93 -because I haven't been playing much- so I can't really tell you what's a great line-up for higher levels, but from what I know a few frosties for the flying enemies and spear horsemen for the rest works fine :)
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    I've used the exact same setup you mentioned many times and it works well. It all depends on what you are fighting. If you are fighting something that can turn your allies against you, then you might regret choosing a Zato since it can have over 10,000 health and render your archers/riflemen worthless until you kill the Zato. In those situations you should replace the Zato with something like a horse master, frosty, rocky t'man or assassin. When an ally is turned they do not benefit from the bonuses you gave them. For example, a turned rifleman becomes an archer so it does less damage and has about one tenth the health of a Zato so it is easy to kill when it is turned.
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    For anyone curious, I finally got Rocket Farmer to level 10 so I can tell you level 10/11 stats.
    Level 10: 260/180 and was 30 coins for upgrade.
    Level 11: 335/250 and will cost 60 coins for last upgrade.
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    Thanks elusive. Does anyone have stats on the spear warrior or handmaiden? I just finished up farmer and am debating which ally to upgrade next. I think ranged would be helpful but would also like to be able to address gate rushers if possible. I like rocket farmers, but they usually miss gate rushers until they're slowed/stunned. I'm thinking either spear warrior or spear horseman + handmaiden or rocket farmer. Input is welcome.
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    I couldn't find a post with stats on the spear warrior or handmaiden. The handmaiden does a lot more damage than the rocket farmer and the time between summoning or the recharge is much faster, but it doesn't damage multiple opponents like the rocket farmer. Also range is important too. I think the rifleman has the longest range, but I haven't tested that. Someone said a maxed out spear warrior does over 600 damage so it might take a few strikes to take out the gate rusher. Hopefully you can summon several before too much damage is done to your gate.

    I was thinking of upgrading the horse archer since it moves fast and only costs 20 to summon if you use the horsemaster, but I don't know its max damage either. Also the game doesn't tell you how much of a bonus to damage the horsemaster gives you.
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    NP for the info. Feels like good karma to me for sharing the info because after getting it level 10 yesterday, I got the Rocker Farmer Golden Champion ally from a Mystery Box this morning, heh. It's like I'm meant to use him. Out of curiousity, does anyone know how many Glu coins it would've cost me to buy it instead?
  • EdictEdict New Member Registered Users 23 Posts
    It's 250 elusive.

    I was also thinking about horse archer, Blitz, and I may try it out. Will post if I do.
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    Why someone, who can, install a hack package to get thousand of glu coins, then do some record to us all?it will help us. I find that hard which ally should be upgrade because hard to get glu coin and will be waste if coins are spent to useless ally. Waiting to your info of stats. Also how about goldern ally stats? What will we get if we spend 100 glu coins to have goldern farmer, and so on with other allies?
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    If you want to cheat, go to YouTube to learn how or you can easily find out by typing keywords like "Glu coin hack" into any search engine. Cheating takes the fun out of a game and there are some disadvantages to cheating. I see lots of people who have all golden allies and they obviously got them by cheating since they are all level 1 allies. People who cheat will never learn how to play the game well because they won't learn the nuances of the game or each character. They also won't enjoy the game or get any sense of accomplishment. Would any game be fun if you cheated to become an invincible god? It would get boring pretty fast. I easily destroy cheaters in multiplayer all the time because, their strategy is crap. Experience is one of the best teachers and you can't get it through cheating.

    I believe a golden ally has twice as much health and does twice as much damage. I don't know the percentage chance of summoning a golden ally. If you have something like a farmer and a swordsmith and they are both golden allies, then you've doubled your chances of summoning a golden ally which is larger than normal on your screen. There used to be a bug where if both the golden farmer and the golden swordsmith upgraded your ally then the farmer would go back to being a normal farmer, but they might have fixed that bug. I don't have that many golden allies to test.
  • imnvd81imnvd81 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Thanks blitz. I don't like cheat. But i suggest sb that have rooted tablet or phone, to cheat just to get stats info for all, not for exp.

    I think there are a lot of cheaters, just go to Multiplayer mode, find opponent that got around 5k defense points, do have hero at around level 100 and all allies are platinum (level 11). Maybe someones spend alot of $ to this game because they are rich!

    But i do think that use cheating tool would help us to get all upgrade stats, that useful for non-cheating player like us. Do you agree?
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    In Gun Brothers which is another Glu game, you can convert 100,000 coins into 120 war bucks for $1 and you'll get more coins than you can spend in that game too. I'm using an iOS device, but on the Android version of Gun Brothers they have the coveted Glu coins instead of war bucks. I believe all Glu games on Android devices use Glu coins. In this game on my Apple device they are called gems, but on Android they are also called Glu coins. Glu coins can be transferred between games unlike the iOS versions of Glu games. In Gun Bros you also get 6 war bucks free every 5 days so people who have an Android device can spend $5 in Gun Bros converting coins and transfer 600 Glu coins over to this game and/or they can use the 6 free coins they get every 5 days from Gun Bros in this game. Therefore people who are using android devices don't have to spend a lot of money to get a ton of Glu coins and upgrade their characters to ridiculous levels.

    After level 10 it only costs 5 gems (5 Glu coins for android users) to increase your character 1 level so spending $5 to get 600 coins in Gun Brothers would let you gain 120 levels in this game. Therefore a lot of people you think are cheating really aren't, but cheating does exist. As I've gotten farther into the game it seems like I'm earning more gems too. I used to average about 15-20 gems/day, but now I average 20-30 gems/day if I play 2-3 hours. Also I'm not employing the farming technique of doing a certain level over and over again. I'm just playing the game normally without repeating levels unless I fail to complete one. However sometimes there's a daily challenge that I like to do over and over again.

    I'll periodically update my first post in this thread as I learn more stats so check it once in while for additional info.
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    Just something I've noticed about golden champion allies: they may have 3 different levels of power/health when summoned. I've noticed lately since getting the rocket farmer champion that sometimes only his weapon will glow gold, sometimes his entire body and weapon will glow, and sometimes the champion will be bigger in size and both weapon and body glow. I noticed the same thing with my assassin champion. This might just be a theory but might explain why 3 different champions spawn.
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    I added the Horse Archer stats and recently updated other stats to show gem costs in an earlier post on this thread. The gem cost for gaining levels of other allies that cost 60 for level 11 is probably exactly the same as the horse archer because the numbers look the same from what I can remember.
  • elusiveflipelusiveflip New Member Registered Users 13 Posts
    Curious what your thoughts are on the Horse Archer now that it's maxed, Blitz? I have the golden champion for it but don't use it because I don't play as Samurai and it wouldn't fit with my Ronin play-style. Might max mine later on if it's worth it for those few levels I can't use the Ronin on though. Also, would it be worth maxing out Frosty? I don't depend on him at all for damage, just slowing down enemies. If higher levels don't affect his ability, I don't see a strong need to upgrade him aside from more health really.
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    I do not have the golden champion for the horse archer, but it is pretty good against flying enemies and the fact that is moves fast is nice, but it isn't as much of an advantage as I thought it would be. Sometimes its fast speed is a weakness because it advances too far too fast so things with a good reach will kill it when they appear on screen. I was very disappointed to discover that the horse master only increases the horse archer's damage by 5%. Sticking with your rocket farmer is a better idea. Unless you are playing a samurai with the horse master and mounted allies I think the rifle smith/archer combo is better. I haven't played with the maxed out horse archer much yet since I just got it shortly after I posted the stats yesterday.

    In case anyone is wondering how I test damage, I have my kunoichi destroy everything in multiplayer and run past the gate so the gate has no damage so my kunoichi will quickly kill whatever spawns then I summon whatever I want to test and time how long it takes to destroy a level 4 gate with the clock starting the moment it takes damage. Sometimes an archer will shoot something that is behind the gate which will throw off the results so I don't count that test if that happens. The horse archer by itself destroys the gate in 38 seconds and when the horse master is next to it the gate is destroyed in 36 seconds. You can also see that the horse master slightly improves damages because arrows will do 4 or 5% damage to the gate instead of 3 or 4% damage. However the horse master must be alive and near the horse archer to give a damage bonus unlike the rifle smith because your rifle doesn't disappear when the rifle smith dies.
  • EdictEdict New Member Registered Users 23 Posts
    Ugh...disappointing results as I already started upgrading the horse archer (and also found the quick movement speed to be a negative in certain situations). The quick shooting is nice, but max damage doesn't seem that great, especially since the horse master doesn't provide that much additional damage.

    Has anyone maxed handmaiden? And I read spear warrior maxes around 600, but does anyone have exact stats?
  • BlitzBlitz Experienced Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    Now that I've been using the farmer, horse master, spear horseman and horse archer combo for a few days I've determined that it can work well with my kunoichi, but riflemen are better than horse archers. There is also a bug in the game which causes the cost of the horse archer and spear horseman to jump 100 points or more so you can't summon them. This bug only seems to happen when the horse master is one of your allies, but because of the bug it makes the horse archer less attractive to use. I might try developing the hand maiden to see how effective she is. She walks faster than other ranged allies and has a fast recharge rate so you can summon a group very fast. I just hate the fact that I spent 168 gems maxing out the horse archer to learn what it's limits are.
  • davidkim06davidkim06 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Anyone know Takeda Shingen Max Stat?? Because he had high hp and atk also...
  • BlitzBlitz Experienced Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    I just did some tests with the bowman and riflesmith and learned that I made a big mistake originally estimating that the riflesmith adds 80% damage to the bowman. I used a level 4 gate for the testing so I probably won't be off by more than 2-3% this time since we know it takes exactly 10,000 damage to destroy. Following are corrected stats for level 11 allies:

    Bowman = 172 damage, shoots 59 arrows in 119 seconds or about 2.0 seconds per arrow
    Golden Bowman = 256-263 damage, destroyed gate with 39 arrows
    Rifleman = 253-256 damage, fires 40 shots in 80 seconds or 2.0 seconds per shot
    Golden Rifleman = 388-392 damage, destroyed gate with 26 shots

    A regular rifleman does 47-48% more damage than a bowman.

    Golden allies appear to do 50% more damage than a regular ally. Previously I thought they doubled the damage, but I never did any tests to verify that. I think I read it somewhere. Golden allies appear to have double the health though because it seems to take twice as long to kill them.

    The 50% additional damage for a golden ally appears to be accurate because 172 x 1.5 = 258
    It takes 39 shots from a golden bowman to destroy the gate 39 x 258 = 10,062
  • davidkim06davidkim06 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Blitz , ask about ur opinion, now my farmer is max lv, and lethargy is lv 10, so which 1 allies i should upgrade to made good combo for it? now my current wave is 210... i should upgrade max lv to bowmen for support farmer ?? or direct upgrade spear horseman?

    Let u update this
    Lv 8 320/94/ 22 gems
    Lv 9 480/119/ 26 gems
  • saitonaibusaitonaibu New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    I got spearman maxed up:
    10: 942/460
    11: 1415/655

    I am still wondering, should i use them or spear horseman for damage? I use the kunoichi
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