Career points a joke ?

PsychoticTeddyPsychoticTeddy New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Well I notice that the more career points you earn during time attack and pvp you get rewards but I realised you can scroll down and you get really good items but the point system gets ridiculous

You need 1500000 career points
to get the best reward wich is unlimited sky bucks I think
All I want to know is this is it a joke cause I earn about 30 points every game so if I done ten games a day for a year ill get 109500 so basically ill have to play 10 games a day for 15 years that's just mental who has time for this


  • cmmayie99cmmayie99 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    I get 50000 a game
  • aicjunkieaicjunkie New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    I'm a diehard fan and have been playing a few game of bombshells every day for about a year or so and I'm up to 1,200,000 in career points. (Looks like the reward will be some badass plane when i hit 1,500,000)...never seen any way to ever get ”unlimited skybucks".)

    To be honest, I've never really kept a tally of my daily score, cause every day is different.

    But every bit of Glu currency I have earned has been from honest play and through the free skybucks section. (And consecutive daily play rewards) The only time I ever spent real money, was to upgrade my pilot. (About $2) to get more competitive or earn more glu currency I'd play the campaigns over and over so I could upgrade my plane and weapons. During play, you will accrue far more Xplodium than you will Skybucks.

    I've managed to beef up my gear pretty well, but it's not yet the best of the best. I'm still tough to beat though, in a death match challenge.
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