Today's new event challenge

ColossalColossal Registered Users 9 Posts
I've cleared everything but the last 2 levels on the 3 star difficulty but on those 2 levels i can't keep up with the damage being done on the 1st encounter in both

its absolutely rediculous Felmar goes down in 3 hits and everyone else 1-2 hits
How do I beat these last 2 levels?


  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    I am not sure it's possible at this point with our over 1600+ def. Many other posts In the suggestion forum as well.
  • LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    I beat this whole thing in the first 2-4 hours. I thought it would reset for today but it didn't! I'm bored! Lol.
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    Nice. Yeah I think the difficulty changed later in the day. I thought it would reset today as well.
  • LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    It must have because I have seen your posts stats and they are better then mine. Fel'mor has 300-350 attack 250-275 defence and like 1010 health.
  • tangoraventangoraven Registered Users 42 Posts
    The second last level monster has an unavoidable attack so standard kiting strategy isn't effective. You have to stack the healing so that you can heal faster than the monster can cause damage.

    What I used was Brenna plus three healers. I've upgraded Brenna's dagger skill fully so the poison is permanent and inflicts about 400 damage per poison forever. Using three healers, I manage to heal her faster than the monster could deal damage. When even the monster starts to spew acid, I just kite until he goes back to throwing fireballs.

    I suppose any high DPS, high defense hero plus three healing heroes strategy should work though I'd prefer to use a hero that is faster to avoid the acids.
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