Tips and complaints for runic upgrades

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I've got several runic items. Three of which I'm bothering to use. The rest just clutter the top of my inventory list and can't be removed, sold, or fused. Is there a Remove-Curse spell that can get rid of them?
  1. Don't believe descriptions like FUSE or EVOLVE. You get nothing of the sort. The runic item will not take on any of the properties or abilities of the items being "fused" into it. What's more, when you move from color level to color the "evolution" can drop needed abilities. I have a runic Palca which had a great magic defense (just what I wanted). When I "evolved" from blue to purple I lost the magic defense and picked up a low casting speed bonus. It's worthless because I've already got better items for that.
  2. The better the color of the items fusing in the faster you can level up a Runic item. Watch the bar as you add/remove items but don't believe it too much. Add just until you see the white description above the progress bar flash bold white. Then you know you have added enough to level up the item.
  3. consider upgrading the items a couple of times before fusing them. My experience is that the fuse progress bar completes sooner when using upgraded items.
  4. Don't fuse your best items. The result will likely be something less capable. It took me 6 or 7 level-ups before my runic Palka was as good as the level VI one I fused into it at level 1. Now that it's gone thru 5 + 5 + 10 + 2 upgrades with each upgrade getting more and more expensive the Palka is at 297 but the one I started with was 198. As you can see the value proposition is low. You pour piles of runes and high-level items in and get an item out that's better than what you could get otherwise but you can't make every runic item you find strong enough to make it worth keeping.


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