Training with gems + game crash

Hi Tiberius,
I've a couple of issue to report, and a suggestion.

Running the game with iOS 7 causes the game to crash very often. My last crash has occurred during the training phase. When I restarted the game, I have 5 gems less but only 1 skill point. :(

Concerning the new characters, O'da and Grazzak, in my opinion you should consider to release a patch in order to fix the number of skill points gained by each character.
Actually, if the post I've read are correct, when you get O'da or Graz, they gain the maximum level in your party and the maximum number of skill points In your party.
Since I got both characters before the hotfix, they entered my party as 35+ level character with only 1 skill point per level... Well, they are not ready to play the last missions... And we'll never be, even if they are at 39 level now.
So, please, let me enjoy the game with the bear and the goblin! ;)

Generally speaking, please give us the possibility to your customers to buy the missing skill points. When I start to play, I haven't realized that the extra point was so important. :/



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