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One question I often ask myself when deciding if or how much I should upgrade a runic item is this. When I finally get it to Orange, what will it be able to do? The thing is, I want to compare it to what I've got on-hand and decide whether or not it's worth it.

I've only got one item cranked up to Orange but I'm going to post it here. Add to the post with what you know and we will soon have a useful list.

Stats (max attack/defense + ability @ level)

Darkness Runic Palka
attack 743, Cast SPD +39% @ level 8

Perfect Runic Boots of the Protector
242, Block +25% @ level 7

Darkness Runic Longbow
541, Atk Speed 56%, Hit Rate 38% @ level 10

Darkness Runic Longbow
215, Atk Speed 18% @ level 0

Darkness Runic Boots
435/Max: 538, Block 25%, HP +50 @ level 6

Darkness Runic Helm
362, Block 19%, HP [email protected] level 3

Darkness Runic Armor
363, Block 19%, HP [email protected] level 6

NOTICE Both Runic and Legendary list items are now shared online please add your item's info.

This list has been moved to a public Google Docs spreadsheet. There are three tabs. One each for Runic, Orange and Purple items and sections in each sheet for Tank, Spell Caster and Damage Dealer items.

Please share your information to better enable good buy/sell/fuse decisions.

I have also posted this to the (sticky) FAQ thread.


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